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You'll need to be competent at soldering with a fine tip solder iron to be able do this. Unplug your player before attempting it and use your common sense. You will also need a steady hand and some patience. It's not that difficult a mod to do BUT do not try this if you do not feel confident or have not done anything like this before.

You will naturally invalidate your warranty if you attempt this mod. AVForums does not encourage you to do this and you do so completely at your own risk.

Before I start I would like to say a big thank you to AVForum member cynix for supplying me the mod chip to be able to do this. Many of you may only know of Bluraymods as the providers of the modification board, but cynix has developed this far simpler chip and has kindly allowed me to review it here.

AVForums has no commercial affiliation with this in any other way so please do not litter this thread or the pm system with 'where to buy?' requests.

If anybody is wishing to buy this mod the internet search engines are your friends. The arrangement is between yourself and the seller and everything involved with this modification is completely at your own risk and not endorsed by AVForums otherwise.

The mod chip will enable Blu-ray Region A,B,C (manually selected by remote) and DVD Region 1-6 RCE (automatically) on the Panasonic DMP-BD30/50/35/55/60/80.

The first tutorial is for the BD30/50 which both internally involve the same procedure.

Panasonic DMP-BD30


You'll need a low wattage soldering iron (10-15W) with a fine tip and some decent quality solder flux.


There are six wires to solder from the chip to the mainboard. I always use ribbon cable for these purposes as it is colour coded and the right thickness to do the job.


The mod chip itself will come with some wire but as I say above I prefer ribbon cable.


You'll need to get the lid off the player. It is held on by five screws. Three along the back of the player and two on the side panels. I have laid these out as you would find them on the player.


This is the chip and I have numbered the pins from 1-8. Pin 1 is marked by a small indented dot on the chip itself and the numbering of the pins always works anti-clockwise. For this mod you will only be using 6 pins. These are Pins 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 & 8.


In my pics, the schematic is as follows

Pin 1 = Green
Pin 2 = Orange
Pin 3 = Yellow
Pin 4 = Purple
Pin 5 = Blue
Pin 8 = Grey


Ok this is the overview of the board so that you can see where each of the points the wires attach to.


Let's start with Pin 8 = Grey. This is infact the Ground.


Followed by Pin 4 = Purple


Followed by Pin 1 = Green. This is in fact the 3v. Then Pin 5 = Blue, which picks up from the IR Sensor.


Once those three are done, they should look something like this.


The next two points are the most difficult on the BD30/50. They connect to two legs of the connector bridge at the mid-top left of the picture. The pictures are deceptive as these points are the size of the tip of a ball point pen.


It is best to pre-solder the ends of the wires, snip them short and press down on the solder points briefly. This is a good technique to get a neat spot solder and you'll need a steady hand for this one as the two points are side by side.

DO NOT attempt or continue with this mod if you feel you cannot solder these competently as you will most likely damage your machine.

Pin 3 = Yellow is attached to the left leg and Pin 2 = Orange is attached to the right leg.


Once done you'll need to situate the chip in a safe and suitable place. I chose this one and used strong double sided sticky tape to attach it to the board. There are alternative glues you can use to secure if you so wish.


It should now all look like this.


Once you are happy with your work, re-align the lid and screw the five screws into their appropriate places.


You now have a fully Multi-Region Blu-ray Panasonic BD30/50 !!!

When you plug the machine in, it will go through an intitialisation process and then shut down as per normal.

As this is a hardware mod you have to switch the Blu-ray Region states of the player using the remote whilst it is in standby mode.

Press 1 on the remote for Region A
Press 2 on the remote for Region B
Press 3 on the remote for Region C

For DVD the player will play Region 1-6 automatically (no need to switch using the remote) and RCE capable.

The player will remain in whatever Region you have set it, even when it is in standby. If you unplug at the mains and power up the default state will initially always be the original Region of the machine, which in this case was Region B.

I hope you have enjoyed reading this tutorial and I will soon post on how to do the Panasonic BD35/55 and the Panasonic BD60/80.
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Thanks to Ekko Star for his fitting guide.

I've been listing the modchips on ebay for a while. :)
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