Panasonic AX802 vs Sony X9005b


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Hi, just wanting opinions on the best picture quality between the panasonic ax802 and the sony x9005b 2014 model.
The reason I am interested is because of this link
Panasonic AX802 is Best 4K TV; ZT Plasma Pips LG OLED

It reckons the panasonic is better yet there is little reviews to support this so far.
The sony however, has had lots of good reviews and I have already ordered and waiting for the sony to be delivered (when it gets in stock lol)

So I am hoping I have made the right choice.


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I have checked both the models in the local retailer. I must say that the fine details comes down to calibration. After calibration may be you can pick up the finer details.
At the store however, I must say, I go with Sony. The sound is incredible. Picture quality is mind-blowing.

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