Question Panasonic AT5000e - HELP!

Wayne W

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I don't usually resort to forums to solve issues as I like to dig around and sort them myself but this one has me stumped!

Just purchased a Panasonic AT5000e to replace my broken Optoma HD33. Pleased with the image quality but the 3D is unwatchable due to massive crosstalk/ghosting issues.
Have searched around and tried all suggestions but have yet to find someone who has actually solved the issue.
I can use the built in adjustment to align the images but if the background is aligned the front is way off and vice versa. I have tried many sources which were flawless on my Optoma but all have the same issue on the Panasonic. Really disappointed as I expected this to be a step up from my old PJ due to great reviews particulary on the 3D side.

I have turned off all digital aids (iris, overscan etc) so the image is as pure as possible but no difference. I wanted to try a factory reset as it's a second hand item but can't seem to find a way to do that either!

Any help would be greatly appreciated as I'm really losing the plot on this one!


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