panasonic and philips altering televisions???

Discussion in 'General TV Discussions Forum' started by tvlvr, Aug 28, 2005.

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    heard something crazy the other day, that panasonic and philips are lowering the display quality of non-HD televisions, in order to sell more HD ones!

    dunno if its true, but goddamn if i wasnt looking at my new philips non-hd tv the other day, watching football, and thinking the picture was a bit blurry

    :mad: :mad:
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    I suspect there is a degree of truth in this, but it has been happening since before HD sets launched.

    1. It has become increasingly difficult to by high-end 50Hz CRT TVs in recent years, with most manufacturers producing 100Hz models, with all the picture mangling processing these introduce. 50Hz sets have been relegated to the lower end of the CRT market - and whilst the picture quality of the better 50Hz sets still outclass many 100Hz devices, the other facilities (multiple SCART sockets, high-end design etc.) are often missing.

    2. CRTs are becoming the "cheaper" end of the market, with LCD and Plasmas, and DLP projectors, moving to occupy the larger end of the market, previously the province of 32" and 36" CRT designs. As such CRTs now occupy a lower price-point, and with this comes "engineering down" to a price. This often means things like power supplies, geometry and build quality are suffering.

    Personally - I think 100Hz processing has a lot to answer for. Usually when looking at TVs in shops I naturally find the 50Hz sets more watchable, though often they have the poorer engineering standards I suspect.

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