panasonic alignment


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Hi I have given my th50pz70 to a friend and he has started to use the freeview built in
i only used it on hdmi only and the screen was perfect on freeview built in the full screen does not align on right side causing a feint green line on dark images
can you go into service and move screen a few mil to fill gap
hope you can help


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I would guess that he has overscan turned off. For SD sources such as Freeview it is often best to turn overscan on which would hide the green line.


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we have turned overscan on
it does work but i prefered overscan off
i take it its the only way


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I have the PZ80 and had to use overscan for SD pics to avoid any lines at the edge. I honestly don't think it matters that much with SD material.


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Assuming Overscan is Off
Select Freeview and go to either BBC1 or BBC News
Is this worse?

In the top elft hand corner and along the top to the middle are white and black bars visible?
If so, then turn Overscan to On (for this source)

You can still watch other sources with Overscan set to Off
Select the source, then set Overscan to Off

I too have Overscan set to off, and I prefer to see the entire picture it means there is a small portion of the screen is unused, and is more visible on BBC1 and BBC News

Also, set Aspect to 4:3 then switch channel
This should then set the picture correctly to wide / 16:9, unless the source is 4:3

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