Panasonic AE900 vs Benq7700 - the final answer!!!



I was deeply skeptical of the supposed contrast of the Pany AE900 and was about to buy the BenQ7700. But today projectorcentral posted a direct comparison of the two projectors.

Normally the reviewers on that site hedge their bets when making comparisons (look at their review of the Sanyo vs panasonic done a few days ago).

But this review pulled no punches - the Panasonic was superior in EVERY department including contrast, smoothness of picture quality. I could not believe how emphatic the reviewer was. The pany blew the benq out of the water - it was game over love-love!!!!!

So I changed my mind and have now ordered the Panasonic. I was tempted to go for the Sanyo because of the sharpness - but I am already finding my current HDMI picture too sharp with my current NEC1000HT so I think I can sacrifice some sharpness.

I get my Panny tommorrow. I think my comments might be useful since I will compare it to my DLP NEC 1000ht and not a Pany 700 which it will be obviously superior to since it is an upgrade

So watch this space

I just cannot wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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The BenPoo took a real pasting in that head to head comparison! It's nice to see a review that doesn't sit on the fence like so many seem to do. I wouldn't worry about the sharpness of the Panny as they take around 100 hours to bed in and get sharper. The first projector central review stated that the Z3 was sharper until they revised the review and said the Panny got sharper after the initial bedding in period. A mini review would be appreciated on the 900. :clap:


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The Nec HT1000 was capable of producing a very nice picture, and if your opinion over the weekend is that the Panasonic betters the NEC this will be high praise indeed.

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