Panasonic AE900 compared to the NEC1000HT

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    First thoughts

    Panasonic has no screen door effect and wonderfully deep colours. Sharpness was very good. Thanks to widesceen I can produce a substantially bigger picture. (110 inches diaganoal which is huge!) Contrast also appeared to be better

    But biggest drawback was the noise and graininess of the picture. I was slightly disappointed with this. Also notice greater artifacts in rapid movement especially in the whites. (I watch a lot of ballet where there is exceptional white movement - perhaps much more then in most other material - it was there I noticed the artifacts)

    It must be said that since the picture was dramatically larger these things are noticeable then before when using it with a smaller screen.

    Also I was using a cheap Samsung DVD player with a HDMI output. It gave a a huge boost compared to my much more expensive Denon but it is still a cheap DVD player

    I set up the projector using the settings suggested by AVBuzz

    I prefered using the S-video to scart on my sky set top box

    Projector has no upward beam so it has to be place on bookshelf to get a high enough picture for most tripod screens(lens shift helps a bit), The NEC had a very steep beam so it could be placed on a low table.

    I think the Panasonic is a better projector then the NEC1000Ht but I would not have upgraded had I had the opportunity of properly testing it first. The additionnal costs does not justify the net improvements

    You might want to get a good HD DVD before committing yourself to the latest projectors from Panasonic or Sharp. Otherwise you should not trade in your NEC1000HT yet!
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    Was the Sky box set to RGB scart and through the 'TV' scart socket (rather than the 'vcr' scart)? If not, then you were probably only getting composite video through the scart. RGB scart should give you better quality than s-video. I presume that this is a Sky+ box.

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