Panasonic AE900 at £550 with 16hr on lamp


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I've made an offer on this that has been accepted. The only problem is that the person has replied saying that the unit is at his mother's - in Italy!!!

Even if this is a geniune offer, will the unit work in the UK, voltage differences etc..?

Should I touch this with a barge-pole? :rolleyes:

Any advice on how I can check this out will be much appreciated.:lease:


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Depends if it means it has 16 hours left or has only used 16 hours!

Joking aside, have a rummage around on the internet. If it's a European spec unit it'll be fine as far as power supplies go. A few places (e.g. here) seem to suggest you'll be okay voltage-wise with the U. Up to now however I thought the Euro model of the 900 was suffixed with an E. But don't trust what I've found after a few minutes, have a look around!


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Be very very careful , a lot of rip-off merchants suddently reveal that the merchandise is in Italy after you've said you'll buy it . Do not use a western union money transfer. Personally I wouldn't touch this with a barge pole.


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Thanks for that. The company trades mainly on ebay and has a pretty good feedback. But the person's name on the email address does not match any on the website.

I have heard of the Western Union scam and if it gets mentioned then I shall certainly not be paying any money over!!

I'll keep looking and ask a few questions.


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I've just had this reply:-

"[email protected]

yes it is uk compatable
I sell it because I have 2
for the payment i will accept western union because is fast and sure for us
let me know if you accept and we start the deal tomorrow morning
thank you"

Trading by Western Union - I think that my answer is NO THANK YOU!!!

Thanks for your replies gents and beware of these scum.

ps Anipap
I'm not sure what you mean in your last post.:confused:


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western union. you might as well just flush your pennies down the drain! :D) theres a reason hes not got it on ebay, and thats coz its a scam :D)

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