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Panasonic AE700 taking a long time to power on


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My AE700 is taking a long time to power on in the last week. It started at about 250 hours on the original lamp. When you hit the power button the standby/on button flashes green then goes solid green while making a high-pitched whine as it tries to power up the lamp, then goes back to flashing green and then tries again a few seconds later... this started to happen for 30 seconds, then 60... now up around 5 minutes... it takes longer and longer before the lamp actually powers up. The lamp indicator never lights and the temp indicator never lights, and the fan stays at full speed since it hasn't detected that the lamp is powered on yet.

Is my lamp dying or is there something else wrong with the projector?

I am getting VERY turned off to projectors. The reliability has been worse than a below-average car. My last projector burned up a ballast circuit after replacing the lamp... too expensive to fix compared to cost of a new one... so I thought I'd buy another one and my problems would be over. :zonked:

Bristol Pete

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I would suggest contacting Panasonic direct. Sounds like lamp failure.

Dont get to disheartened. I am sure that it will get sorted.

Cap :)


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I turned it on this morning and again tonight and it's not happening anymore! :rolleyes:

I'll watch it the next few days and see if it was a one time thing or if it's going to be intermittent and see what Panasonic says.


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Well it died last night... after 30 seconds of flashing green standby light the lamp light starts flashing red. Panasonic says it's either a dead lamp (at < 300 hours) or a fried lamp power/ballast circuit. There was never a bang/pop/fizzle sound so I doubt the lamp actually exploded... but could've just been a slow filiment death (not that I don't have proper cooling).

It's in the shop, we'll see what was wrong in a few days.


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Well I got it back :)

It took a week and a half for the repair shop to determine all it needed was a new lamp. :rolleyes: What a weird way for a lamp to die (slowly with intermittent flashing error lights). :confused:

I just hope I can diagnose this myself if it happens beyond the warranty... no sense buying a lamp if it IS the ballast circuit, but no sense taking it in to the shop if it's just a dead lamp. In this case the lamp was about 270 hours and the behavior wasn't typical of lamp death, so the symptoms can be misleading.

Oh well, time to get a :beer: from the fridge and start in on my backlog of movies and games. :thumbsup:


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Theres no filament in these lamps. They are a type of arc lamp. You probably had a defective unit with crack allowing the gas to leak out.

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