Panasonic AE500 - who knows its internal cables' layout?


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Hi all:
I'm still using the Ae500 projector and recently read a thread and follows steps of the thread to clean the LCD panel.
After the cleaning, I put all components back into the projector and finding
one socket is unplugged.

Though the projector now works well and the "green fog" disappear after cleaning. I afraid the disconnected socket may cause problem in future.

I guess the cable for the unplugged socket is missing or hiding below components of projector. Can any one give some comments on this situation?
Thanks a lot,


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If it's working fine and all cooling fans are running then don't worry about it it's probably unused. It won't cause any problems in the future.

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If my car is any indication, the manufacturers find it cheaper to use a wiring loom suitable for all models, resulting in unused plugs on some.

Perhaps Panasonic adopt the same philosophy?

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