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Have finaly gone for Pj the Ptae500 orderd it from Discount Electrical.Orderd it on Tuesday evening.They said I could have it on Thursday so I switched delivery to Friday so there would be someone in to take the Pj.Wife waited in all day no show very frustrating wife not happy.My turn Saturday have been in all day now typing this at 16.15hrs still a chance I suppose will just keep waiting.Sent them e-mail Friday evening they have not replyed to it.Have also phoned them twice on each occasion they said they would get back to me still waiting for phone call.Though I think I am getting a good price with Discount Electrical I could have had Pj from a cheaper site but I felt I would get a better service from this site.Never mind we live and learn and I will wait and see.Hope when Pj comes and I plug it in it works.


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Surely your pj not turning up is much more likely to a problem with Initial CityLink than DE. Have you phoned your local CityLink depot? As soon as mine was dispatched by DE I got the tracking number and picked it up from my local depot. Bad experiences with Parcelfarce in the past have taught me if you've tracked it to the depot it's often quicker to go pick it up if your really eager for it.


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I dont know where my city link service is but can
look in yellow pages.Don't know anything about tracking parcels.
As I stated I informed DE of the problem after all its up to them to get it to me on the day agreed I mailed them last night Friday.and phoned them Sat morning and they supposed to get back to me still havent so there is a breakdown with there service.And i'm not happy.A phone call with an explanation would help.


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Hi Sapper
I too hard problems with City Link when I ordered from DE, City Link delivered it too the wrong address, But I just contacted the depot and went and collected it as it was the quickest option,
The depot's in London are open 24hrs aswell :clap:

These problems were down too City Link & I found DE To be Helpful when I called them.
Hope it turns up soon :)


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Couple of people had problem's (me included) with City Link deliveries when DE they did a very good offer on the AE200 last year. I found DE's service to be excellent but I can't understand why they are continuing to use such a bad delivery service as they must be well aware of the problems people are having by now.


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Originally posted by sapper44
Still have'nt arrived found my local depot only 10 mins away have phoned them no answer will wait till Monday now looks like a day in the garden for me tomorrow.
Thanks for the replies guys.

don't give up, when I was calling the london depot it took 30 mins on hold before I spoke to someone to confirm that it was there.
Then when I went to the depot the lazy guy behind the counter goes off for ten minutes to look for it and comes back and tells that there's no PJ here :mad:
At this point I try to stay clam and tell him that it is there as I had already confirmed this by phone, off he goes again but this time he does come back with it :)


I have had horrendous problems with Initial City link on three seperate occassions with different internet retailers

- Discount electrical were great with me but they, and indeed all internet dealers need to know about their poor service.

I have decided not to buy goods from any retailer that uses Initial City Link but the nice guys at AV-Sales for example have said to me that if I needed any more gear they would use a different courier.

Incidentally my complaint letter to Initial City link has been completely ignored - not even an acknowledgement!

In my opinion they are completely useless cowboy outfit - just try finding any contact information for their head office on their web page "we recommend you contact your nearest branch!" is the only direction given - they rarely/never answer the phone!

Just don't use em if you want your deliveries on time and when promised (I wasted a total of 5 days waiting in for promised deliveries that failed to show!)

Sorry - rant over!!

Hope you are happy with your "500" - takes a bit of tweaking to get the best out of it but worth it in the end.




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I couldn't agree more with the comments above re City Link. They are, IMO, the absolute worst courier company on the planet. I make this statement from experience.

My last 3 deliveries from them have all been damaged.

1. DVD ROM drive from smashed when arrived. Was well packaged so goodness knows what they did to it.

2. 20kg bag of bird nuts from the RSPB. Delivered with tape all over the bag and peanuts all over the road outside the house.

3. A new Neff Ceramic induction hob delieverd week before last. They missed the delivery so I went to the depot to pick it up. Box all smashed but without actually opening the complete packaging (easier to deal directly with the supplier than argue the t0ss with the courier anyway) could not see if damaged. Got it home, unpacked it and the whole of one side was all smashed (A £600 hob :eek:).

Whenever I go to their depot I am usually ignored and wait around for 20 minutes plus watching their staff throwing parcels all around the depot. They have absolutely no respect for the parcels they are couriering. It is appalling to see the way they treat their parcels and their customers. Was there on Friday picking up a mobile phone (luckily it was OK) and one driver was transferring a roll of carpet from the warehouse to his van for delivery. He just stood it on end in 3 inches of dirty slush at the back of his van while he disappeared back inside for well over 10 minutes. I just hope the plastic covering had no holes in it.

I now ask specifically which courier is to be used and request the supplying company use a different courier if at all possible. If they say no I make well sure they are aware of previous issues I have had with City Link.

City Link = City Farce

BTW, they are part of the Initial Group of Companies so if anyone needs to complain try going that route instead.


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Funny you talking about City Link there........

I'd ordered a projector from NexNix last week, and had problems with said courier also.

Initially, when the item didnt arrive the next day, apparently the driver could not locate my address. Oddly enough, I saw at least three City Link vans on my same street at a plumbers yard delivering things, so they obviously don't talk to each other much.

I contacted City Link, and gave them my contact number should the driver have any problems delivering the following day.

Following day in question, receive a phone call from a computer shop that is two streets away from mine, and one that i am maybe in once or twice a year. I don't know any of the people there.

They asked if i was Mr xxxxx, before informing me that they had taken delivery of a projector which was addressed to me!!!!

Suffice to say, was not a happy chappy!!

Spoke at length to NexNix about this, as i was ready to return the whole thing and demand my money back.

To their credit NexNix were completely honest, and said to me directly that City Link were the best of a "very bad lot", and gave details about the other couriers they have used and events that had happened with them.

Certainly will in future ask any company i'm doing business with the courier they use!


I've had good service from CityLink. Ordered stuff from 2 different on-line shops, both orders delivered at the same time and on time by CityLink.


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Originally posted by pringtef
receive a phone call from a computer shop that is two streets away from mine, and one that i am maybe in once or twice a year. I don't know any of the people there.

They asked if i was Mr xxxxx, before informing me that they had taken delivery of a projector which was addressed to me!!!!
Same thing happened to me some time back with a £1500 musical keyboard, delivered 2 miles away .. Lord knows how, the address bore little resemblance to mine, though having said that I was appalled that someone signed for it when there was no-one by my name at that address .. and it was a small shop too, not like some large corp. with a front desk that signs for anything.

I now refuse to deal with anyone using City Link .. I forgot to ask Nexnix who they shipped with when I got something recently, I won't make that mistake again.


Not related but sitting in my car today in town saw an Irish courier company delivering to a premises. Some smallish boxes, maybe 2' x 2' max.

The guy unloading the van was throwing them to either his colleague or someone working for the shop. I mean throwing from probably 10 or 12 feet! It seemed to be a game to them - see if you can catch this one.

Don't know what was in them but it wasn't a drapery shop - hardware/electrical retailer.

As I've said, no connection to any company mentioned here already but imagine them doing this with a nice little projector box - AE500 or whatever.

"Oops, I didn't catch that one" :(

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