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Feb 4, 2004
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Thought a bit of praise was in order. I ordered a Panny 500 yesterday morning with a Draper 106" screen. The panny cost £1235 with free pixel check and the screen was £230. On top of this they are knocking 5% of the price of a screen when you order a projector at the same time, thus I saved an additional £11!

I ordered It at 1045 yesterday morning and it has arrived today at 1245! Next day delivery is free of charge.

That's good to hear mate - i will be ordering pretty much the same thing from them in a few weeks, although they are only about an hour away, so i may even take a trip over to see them.

I also ordered a Panny 500 from Discount Electrical on Wednesday - excellent service - very friendly and a good price.

Unfortunately let down by the courier - Initial City Link who failed to deliver to me today - I deal with a lot of courier companies and constantly have problems with the local branch of City Link this is the third time a parcel confirmed as on despatch to me (from the depot 14 miles away) which has failed to turn up.

Constantly complaining to them seems to do little - maybe I should let the companies that use them know.

Shame really - now means no new toy to play with over the weekend.

Good luck with your new purchase - post your set up experiences if you get the time.


Please do!

We pay a premium for next working day delivery! If they aren't delivering they shouldn'g get paid for it!

I will look into this particular situation on Sat am

City Link are generally very good, we chose them because they are (mostly) not franchises as our previous couriers were.
Don't mean to hi-jack this thread...

Citylink chappie came this morning and delivered my PJ - despite the snow!

Last time I had a problem they wouldn't deliver on a Saturday but the helpful office chap on Friday evening said he would get it delivered today and to be fair he did!

He told me the "Pr...k on friday would get a on Monday" as he had been up since 4am sorting out parcels that should have gone out Friday!

Anyway - got to go and set the pj up now - Anybody any experience of settings - eg should I tweak the DVD player or PJ first?

Cheers again to Discount Electrical - top service and a great price

Guys so is the 500 that much better than the 300 that could be purchased for about £850?

Decorating at the moment so will be about a month & 1/2 before i get downstairs to living room and can fit ceiling mounted screen and projector so perhaps I will see the price difference close a bit.

Please tell me in I am doing this right?

DVD has one Scart OUT ( RGB) this goes to One Scart in on back of Sky box. ( Actually marked VCR.) Main reason for saying this is that i understand Sky box allows RGB to pass through.

Other Sky Sockets out to TV
Scart 1 which accepts RGB inputs.

VCR ( Two Scart Sockets) One in from second scart on TV.

So have I now got this right. for best picture quality? I am also about to upgrade to SKY+ so then I can connect the optical audio out to receiver for 5.1 surround.

The reason I have posted here is that my next development is to add a projector to my system, but i then wonder how this would be connected up.

Back of DVD player has a composit video out but then how do you send sky signal to projector. :hiya:

Just by way of info - off topic - but Initial City Link have let me down with another package.

Ordered (from AV_Sales!) a Zinwell Bright-View converter on Wednesday next day delivery.

Stayed in all Thursday - no show.

Checked today and they told supplier that they had tried to deliver and even left a card.

I have now caught them in a lie - this definitley did not happen.

Just so you know I will now check with mail- order/internet suppliers and if they use Initial City Link I will not buy from them.

Thought you should know about these problems (Information only).



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