Panasonic AE100 Res Panels ?????

Discussion in 'Projectors, Screens & Video Processors' started by neo-uk, Feb 6, 2002.

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    Hi all just been looking at the panasonic projector in the forums
    and was woundering about one thing

    my m8 has an hitachi and the res on his is 800x600

    Q1 now on the panny its 858x484 do`s this mean that the picture
    will not be as good on the panny as it has less pixels in hight ???

    Q2 will the hight of the picture on the panny be smaller than on a 800x600 panel ???

    Q3 is the panny better picture than the sony vpl i have seen the sony vpl and its very good but was put off it as i could not mount it on the ceiling hope its better or just as good as the sony vpl ???

    thanks to all who help
  2. richard plumb

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    Jan 27, 2002
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    The panasonic will have less pixels if you watch a 4:3 picture on it (640x480 vs 800x600 on your m8's)

    But if you watch widescreen material, the panasonic has more pixels, as the Hitachi will lose pixels in the black bars.

    for 16:9:

    panasonic=848x480=407,040 pixels
    hitachi= 800x450 = 360,000

    Also worth bearing in mind that the 480 height of the panasonic matches the vertical image size of NTSC DVDs, so there will be no scaling needed, which may improve the image even more.

    The most important point I've learnt recently is this: Ignore the specs and see them with your own eyes. There are 1024x768 projectors designed for office use that won't look as good as the panasonic. How the image looks is much more important than how many pixels it has in it.

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