Panasonic Ae100 flicker / throb....whats my next move!?


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Well my little ae100, which worked fine last sunday, failed to power up properly last night :thumbsdow
Its weird, I've read a lot about flickering etc but my problem doesn't seem to fit the normal problems I've read.
Basically when I switch it on the fan doesn't seem to get up to full speed and bulb doesn't get bright enough and then it seems 'throb' electrically speaking as if it's not got enough power. Then after a while it just seems to flicker. There must only be about 500 hours on the bulb.

Anyway I was due for an upgrade, its just a shame it didn't die last month so i could have picked up a cheapy z3!!!!! Now I'm gonna have to wait a few months for the current new models to come out and the winner emerge!

Plus I suspect the cost of the repair will be roughly the same as the money I could sell it for! Do Panasonic still charge £65 just to look at it?

Sorry for the moan but It's just plain annoying!


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is there anywhere (i'm in brighton work in london) that i could take the panny and test whether it is the bulb or not? i don't like the idea of buying a bulb and finding out its something else!!!!


maybe you coud appeal for a kind forum member who you can send your bulb to and who can then test it for you in their ae100 :)

as for the z3 there are a couple of people here on another thread going to try and source it from germany where its about £700 it seems. its still available in japan for around £600 now; the z4 is £880 in Japan compared to £1300 here!!

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