Panasonic A350 not playing some discs! Sorted!

Discussion in 'Blu-ray & DVD Players & Recorders' started by Matt P, Jan 27, 2001.

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    Matt P

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    My A350 wasn't plaing some discs. Members suggested this was a failing laser. They were right.

    New laser cost £70 + VAT and total to check and fit was £128 that includes the parts and labour.

    I'm not over keen on Panasonic as I have had problems with one of their better Video recorders as well. You would think I would have learnt. I Have now... No more Panasonic for me.
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    I think that not Panasonic is at a fault but most of the DVD player manufacturer, as they all use the same faulty hardware and just replace the covering CASE!
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    A major problem began 2 years ago Some New DVDs would not always play. Message on LED display says "NO PLAY". I discovered today that the problem lies with the laser being underpowered for some DVDs.
    On the web I found a fix.
    Warning! Always have someone competent with electricity to fix the SA-HT80 with the following instructions:

    1. Remove all disks from player.
    2. When door is open slide front door cover upwards to remove.
    3. Leave door open.
    4. Important UNPLUG FROM THE MAINS!
    5. Remove the 3 screws from under the front panel then remove cover screws.
    6. Disconnect player from the mains. Remove cover.
    7. Once you have removed the cover you will see on left side is the drive parts.
    8. Pull out the two flat cables which go to the Drive from the
    vertical circuit Board(Hold the cable with thumb and forefinger close to the
    connector and slide the flat cables out of their connector.
    9. Remove the screws fixing the drive unit to the base of the cabinet.
    10. Now remove drive unit.
    11. Placing the drive upright on a flat surface proceed to remove the two screws holding the Plastic bridge
    that sits over the disk.
    12. Also undo the screw on the small circuit board which holds the disk sensor switch onto the bridge
    and unclip that small board. Remove this plastic bridge over the drive.
    13. On underside of drive remove the two small screws from the drive circuit board.
    You can now gently prize this board loose.(There is some resistance as a plastic clasp is holing onto the
    14. Turn Drive back to upright position.
    15. Remove the screws which hold the drive in(Screws go through rubber mounts to cushion the drive).
    16. Once you have loosened the drive look at the underside and you will see one flat cable goes to the Laser.
    Where this cable meets the metal part you will see a tiny device connected on the outside edge
    of the flat cable.
    17. Turn the POT 1/5 off a turn clockwise(looks like a small washer and be gentle with it) I used pointed
    nose pliers for this.
    18. Now reassemble DVD player.
    19. Ensure cover is in place and screwed down before connecting to
    a power supply.

    This is a guide which you will follow at your own risk.

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