Panasonic 50PZ81 from Sound and Vision

I think I've finally decided on buying a 50PZ81 and now just trying to source the best deal from a reliable supplier. I want to get the matching cabinet stand for it and the only place that seems to offer it as a package is Sound and Vision in Bolton (who happen to be a forum sponsor). If I order it in store they tell me that I'll get the Panasonic 5 year warranty and that this offer is on until the end of the month. It's priced at £1529.

I ordered my last TV from them about 5 years ago now and I had a lot of hassle with them saying they would have it in stock by a certain date and then not be contacted and when I would chase it up they'd give a later and later date. So I'm somewhat hesitant to order from them again. Having said that, 5 years on I'd presume their service is is different, anyone ordered from them recently? Do they offer an avforums member's discount?

Also, does anyone know of any better offers for this TV with the stand?
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Sorry just ammended my above post to say "cabinet stand" and to be honest the 5 year warranty has got to be worth over 100.

As an aside, I just phoned up my local hifi shop, Practical Hifi in Warrington, to get a quote from them and I was told "it's not commercially viable for us to sell Panasonic products at this stage in time" which seems a bit odd to me!


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Just been into Martin Dawes in Warrington who are going to look into price matching this for me but they won't know till Monday as they don't normally stock the cabinet.
Was pretty disappointed with the service as the guy didn't really seem interested in selling the product. He said he'd phone me on Monday to let me know if they could do it. It's a shame Practical HiFi aren't stocking this as I've always found them very knowledgeable and helpful.

Even more confusion: phoned Warrington AV and they tell me £1529 for TV and stand is even lower than the trade price for it.
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We've decided on this TV too, but without the cabinet as its wall hanging..........anyone had any joy with getting a Panasonic shop to price match??


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We've decided on this TV too, but without the cabinet as its wall hanging..........anyone had any joy with getting a Panasonic shop to price match??

I went into my local Panasonic shop for a price match against Sound & Visions 42PZ80 a couple of months ago. The guy behind the counter pulled out a calculator and offered me a price about £60 more than S&V (dropping about £350 off the marked shelf price in the store) instantly including 5yr warranty. He didn't even really listen to where the price match was or how much it was selling for and asked for no proof - it seemed they had an instant reduction value for people that asked.
Well I phoned back Martin Dawes and best they could offer is £1400 for just the tv as the guy couldn't get the stand. So I went ahead and put a phone deposit down with sound and vision, got to try and make it to the shop sometime this week to pay the rest so that I get my 5 year warranty.

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