Panasonic 50pz800 (eu) vs 50v10


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I've been looking for a new tv for some time and after reading loads of reviews, advice and making up my mind budget wise I was ready to buy the Panasonic 50pz800 but now that they announced the 50v10 (and maybe even the g10) I'm not sure.

Basicly I want a ~50" Plasma for max 2000 euro

The reasons why I'm interested in the v10 is that it only uses 50% of the power of the 800 and that they fixed the 24p playback issues.

So basicly if the 50v10 will be 3k for a year or have serious issues then I ain't waiting :)


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im not in the eurozone, im in norway, but isent 2000 euro somewhere near what you will get a pioneer 5090 for?
that is a better telly then the panasonics.


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Unfortunately you won't get one for that kind of money in Holland.

Cheapest price I can get a 5090 pio is 2700 euro.
(Excluding stand and speakers, which are included with the Panasonic)

We get ripped off in Holland compared to for instance the UK & US.

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