Panasonic 50PZ70B Problem


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Any help on this would be appreciated.

Was half watching TV (whilst working on my laptop) and looked at the TV and it was blank. Sound was still on as powered by a seperate suppound sound and Sky HD was still working.

I can't get anything from the volume, no menu, just a blank screen.

Tried turning it off at the front of the tv and I get the green flashing light by the on/off button, then a red light, then nothing.

Trined turning it on/off with the remote and selecting menu etc but nothing.

Tried turning off at the wall socked and again nothing.

Any ideas or is the TV dead?

Only had it 3 months!


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Sounds like the power supply has gone or its blown an internal fuse.


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Thanks for the reply.

Have spoken to Panasonic who didn't give me much info other than to ring comet. Spoke to comet who have booked an engineer visit.

By power supply do you mean in the TV, as there is power getting to it from the socket (lights work on the front)?

Any idea if this is a common problem?

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