Panasonic 50px60 for £1295 WOW

Tremolo Arm

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If you have the space and viewig distance - go for it.

The price looks very good indeed.

This model's price seems to be reducing on a daily basis - they must be onto something at Panasonic... may be a new model coming out soon.

I considered this TV myself, but opted for a 42'' in the end.


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yes sure mate, i am going for it


just to be sure that this website could be trusted -safe-as i never heared of it before.:confused:

also wanted to share this with all members hereso somebody else may spot cheaper offer:cool:

any ideas guys?:rolleyes:


Never seen/heard of that website before.

Anyone used them?


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delivery is £10:clap:

managed to get this info from thier website:

Wizardprice LTD
Maple Business Park
1 Bennett Street
M12 5AQ

Tel: 0161 273 2883

Fax: 0161 275 9472

if any of the guys here living in manchester; they may provide us with their feedback.

come on guys;)


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Hi Snupper

i ve just asked u on other thread about this!!:D

can u please confirm if your local shop still doing that deal? if so could u please find out if i can buy one by phone, i live in Bournemouth and it is too far for me to get to Playmouth.

thanks mate

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