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panasonic 50px60 connection probs-im new sorry!!!


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hi,i hope this is the correct place to post ???

after the info provided by this forum i have just purchased a panny 50px60 which i am more than happy with.its the connections im having a problem with!
i have- panny 50, xbox 360, panasonic home theatre sc-ht500, sky + and a toshiba dvr 16 dvd/vcr combo.
i had everything working fine until i added the toshiba dvd recorder which i changed all the connections around so i got a vga lead for the xbox 360 instead of the component lead which is supplied.the toshiba is now through component leads as i thought this would give me better dvd quality due to the progressive scan on the tosh where as the panny dvd doesnt do progressive.anyway i can only get the dvd showing on av1 which is my sky+ input and have to turn the sky box off to see the picture.on the av it list the yellow button for component and pc with the xbox now on pc with vga i thought the dvd would show on component???
another prob is with the xbox 360. i would like some form of surround from this but my home theatre doesnt have the correct inputs on the back.with the vga cable there was a connecter with a red and white connection and something like a headphone jack on the other end.
can this be fabricated to use an audio lead to get the surround sound???

thank you for taking the time to read this rather long first post!
any help or recommendations regarding setting up all this with the correct cables etc will be more than welcomed!!!!:thumbsup:
thank you


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Have you told the toshiba to output component in its set-up menu?
Unless your Panasonic system has an optical input, you won't get 5.1 from the 360.


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thanks kev12.
no the dvd player doesnt have it.is there nothing i can do with the 360 to get better sound???
as for the toshiba....it will play dvds fine on the same av1 input,once i turn the sky box off!, but i cant get the menu up on screen for some reason? i just dont know why its programmed itself to only play on av1 when the sky is already plugged in??
i dont know if you know about the panasonic viera,hopefully you do,but when the xbox 360 was plugged in component it was on the correct av (yellow button) it was fine so i just presummed the toshiba would go there in place of the xbox as i have now connected through a microsoft vga lead.

im very confused:confused:


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As far as I can tell you've got Sky+ on scart 1, do you have the DVD recorder TV scart plugged into The VCR scart on the Sky+ box?
If so, its wrong. I think you need to take the AV in scart from the Tosh and plug it into the VCR scart on the Sky + box. Then go into the Toshiba video output menu and turn on the component output. You should get a picture on the component input on your TV then.
The other DVD player is on another scart input on the TV? That should be ok.
As for the 360 sound, if your receiver does pro-logic II, plug the red/white phonos into a spare input and use that input for playing games.
Hope this helps cos I'm confusing myself now!



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right mate,as you can see i've been up all night trying to suss this out!

done what you said and checked al the connections and all were correct:) the prob was getting into the set-up menu on the recorder so removed the component cable put scart in and BINGO!!!

thing is, after all this, the picture through component is no better or worse that the dvd player that comes with the theatre set up. was i possibly expecting more or is this normal???


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The component picture will be "purer" than the scart, but it is subjective.
Make sure the scart is enabled for RGB and if you can't tell any difference stick with that.


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the scart on the home theatre dvd is in av3 which is rgb and the tosh on component with pro-scan and the difference to me is minimal. seems a bit like a waste of time and money to me but nevermind.

thanks for all your help kev. is there nothing i can do with the xbox sound???


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I'm not sure what inputs you've got spare on your amp, but if there is an optical (toslink) use that and you'll get 5.1 from the X-box.

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