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Panasonic 50PV500CAB - Order Placed!

Discussion in 'Panasonic TVs Forum' started by fuzzb, Jul 26, 2005.

  1. fuzzb


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    Well after much consideration, reading and viewing I have pulled the trigger on the Viera 50PV500 CAB. I had a look at the 37" and 42" models and they looked great, but what really swung it was the 16:9 (1366 x 768, WXGA) aspect ratio of the pixels which should help when connecting my Media Center 2005 PC. I didn't really like the idea of having stretched pixels showing a pseudo 4:3 (1024 x 720 or 1024 x 768) picture. I may be ignorant of the facts and the scaler may do an excellent job, but I had my reservations and £2500 on the 42" is a lot of money to have that niggling me. Can anyone enlighten me as to whether I made the right choice? :)

    The price I paid for the 50" PV500 and cabinet stand was just over £4000, which is over £600 cheaper than the cheapest place I've seen it advertised. I ordered from Gultronics, who said it was in stock and ready to ship surprisingly. They also said they had a special deal with Panasonic UK which is why they can offer the cabinet version for such a good price (only £40 more than the wall mount version!).

    Has anyone had any recent experience with Gultronics? I searched the forum but some of the threads were quite old.

    Finally, if I connected my Media Center PC to this plasma using a DVI to HDMI converter, do I have to do anything special? Will the pixels be mapped 1:1 or will I get overscan? I am going to use a GeForce 7800GTX in a Dell Dimension 9100.

    Cheers guys for any help :)

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