Panasonic 50PH9 - HDMI or DVD-I

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Too much info to trawl through on the really long thread.

Some questions.

1. Can all 3 inputs use HDMi and/or DVD-I boards?

2. Is it best to have DVD-I instead of the HDMI? Can't remember what I read about DVD-I being the better choice due to limitations/issues with the HDMI board?

3. What would you slot in there?

At the moment I have a component board and a RGB scart.



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Yes, all 3 can be HDMI'd - the 3rd requires a dip switch setting change (on the terminal unit, I believe) for it to work.
Not sure I know what limitations you refer to, but the UK panel doesn't grant access to certain parameters unless you know how to get into the Service Menu.
If we assume DVI bypasses that limitation, then it certainly would be an option, but it would involve HDMI-DVI-D crossover cables, which is fine if you route the sound externally rather than hook up the optional speakers you can buy for it.

Maybe it'd be worth firing an e-mail to AV Sales (Alastair) for info and availability of DVI-D terminal units.


The limitations are the lack of PC support on the HDMI card. If you don't need it don't worry. If you are using the internal amp in the plasma you also need to note the 3.5mm jack for audio on the DVI card.

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Maw, would you be sticking hdmi cards in then, not dvi

Are the boards hdmi v1.3?

If not, dvi would be better?

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I have found 2 x TY-FB8HM HDMI boards for £137.35 delivered, total.

Anything wrong with that when they are going for that price for just one!?


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DVI isn't better than HDMI 1.1 - the only differene really is the connector.

There are a lot of boards out there sold cheap so not unusual to find a good deal


HDMI 1.3, well unless you want to send DTS-MA to your display, forget you ever heard of it.I take it also that you are a human, unlike me, and cannot see 'deep colour' even if your otherwise splendid display could show it. I've actually had some issues with PH series, DVI and Onkyo amps, so unless you have grounds for the DVI board, I'd go HDMI. You know about tweaking the jumper to use slot3 I assume? If not, Alastair helpfully posted a picture, which comes up with a search.

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Thanks to you both for the replies.

I was only after knowing about DVI as there have been mentions of things (I think), that it can handle signals differnetly to HDMI etc.

HDMI 1.3 was simply trying to be future proof.

Too much knowledge and all that.

Thanks again.:smashin:


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I second what MAW said. I have both a DVI card and an HDMI card in my PH. I use the DVI with my HTPC as it supports PC resolutions, whereas the HDMI won't. The reason I have the HDMI as well is my Onkyo amp wouldn't work into the DVI using HDMI to DVI cable for some reason.



That's exactly what I've found, so I suspect the DVI card is in fact limited in some way, and may not work with some other HDMI switchers, potentially. For PC use, you need to use it, or maybe with a VP. Might be best to avoid if using any HDMI switching apparatus by the look of it.

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