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Ultra HD ブルーレイ再生対応ブルーレイディスクレコーダーDIGA(ディーガ) プレミアムモデル DMR-UBZ1 を発売 | プレスリリース | Panasonic Newsroom Japan
Translation Below

The world's first ※ 1, corresponding to the Ultra HD Blu-ray playback video of 4K and HDR can enjoy ※ 2
Ultra HD Blu-ray playback Blu-ray Disc recorder DIGA (DIGA) Release the premium model DMR-UBZ1

New development 4K corresponding engine "4K realistic chroma processor plus" loading


Name of product Blu-ray disc recorder
Part number DMR-UBZ1
HDD capacity 3TB
Number tuner Terrestrial digital: 3 BS / 110 ° CS: 3
Body suggested retail price Open price
Release date November 13, 2015
Monthly production volume 500
Panasonic Corporation, the premium model corresponds to the regeneration of the world's first 4K-compatible next-generation Blu-ray disc standard "Ultra HD Blu-ray", Blu-ray disc recorder DIGA in pursuit of high image quality and high sound quality (DIGA), "DMR-UBZ1 The ", it will release from November 13.
"Ultra HD Blu-ray" is standard, in addition to 4K resolution, which can be full of texture represented by a high brightness of 1,000 ~ 10,000nit at a high frame rate ※ 3 and a maximum of 60p "HDR (high dynamic range)" ※ 3, and color of reproducibility significantly enhance wide color gamut standard "BT.2020" ※ 3 be those corresponding to such as, high-definition feeling caused by 4K resolution, three-dimensional appearance and vivid colors due to a large contrast, beautiful image expression by smooth movement It becomes possible.

This product so that customers enjoy high-quality content that corresponds to the "Ultra HD Blu-ray", and the application of technology developed for the Panasonic Hollywood Laboratory, own 4K corresponding engine "4K realistic chroma that enables advanced image processing processor plus "newly installed. "Ultra HD Blu-ray" to deliver high-quality video full of three-dimensional effect in the high-definition of unique premium models during playback ※ 2. You can also enjoy in the high-quality further when you can see the Internet videos of 4K resolution.
In addition, the new development of the drive base, the center frame structure, new high rigidity and low center of gravity casing due to a four-layer structure-based chassis, enclosure 3 block independent configuration to suppress the interference of noise, a high carbon cast iron insulator with excellent vibration damping characteristics newly adopted, it is thorough high-quality design.
The Company, DIGA launched a premium model that achieves the best ever image quality, the best sound quality, will meet the expectations of theater user to pursue the audio visual quality.

<Main Features>
  1. The world's first ※ 1, corresponding to the Ultra HD Blu-ray playback video of 4K and HDR can enjoy ※ 2
    Next-generation standard "Ultra HD Blu-ray" can enjoy beautiful images of the corresponding · 4K (high resolution) / HDR (high brightness) /BT.2020 (wide color gamut) to play
  2. New development 4K corresponding engine "4K realistic chroma processor plus" loading
    · Own high-precision color signal processing by Ultra HD Blu-ray video beautifully reproduced · YouTube, NETFLIX (Netflix), and I can enjoy beautifully 4K net videos such as acTVila
  3. New high high-quality design by rigidity and low center of gravity housing and high-resolution audio support ※ evolution of 4
    And high rigidity and low center of gravity recruitment and newly of thorough vibration measures and a variety of high-quality parts by housing DSD (5.6MHz / 2.8MHz), play corresponding to the ALAC. You can also use the built-in hard disk as a NAS
Customer support contact center
Free dial 0120-878-365 (9:00 to 20:00)
Homepage URL: Http://Panasonic.Jp/diga/
  1. ※ 1: Examples of the commercially available Blu-ray disc recorder, will be released November 13, 2015. We examined.
  2. ※ 2: Ultra HD to play Blu-ray, for copyright protection, you might not be able to play with some discs do not connect this unit to the Internet.
    · In order to watch at 4K / HDR is, HDCP2.2,4K / 60p / 4: 4: 4, please connect to the Ultra HD Blu-ray standard equipment (display) or terminals corresponding to the HDR signal. If you connect to equipment and terminals that do not support the HDCP2.2, in 2K resolution, and outputs the HDR signal in dynamic range conversion. In addition, there are cases where some discs can not be played back correctly. 4K / 60p / 4: 2: 0 when it is connected to a compatible device or terminal to, reproduction of 60p material will output the dynamic range convert the HDR signal. If you connect to equipment and terminals that do not support the 4K / 60p, and then output in 2K resolution. If you connect to equipment and terminals that do not correspond to the HDR, and outputs the HDR signal in dynamic range conversion. Also, depending on the disk might output in 2K resolution, or you can not play properly.
    And other, Ultra HD information relating to the reproduction of Blu-ray please verify.
    • If you want to be a 4K / 60p to enjoy, you need a 18Gbps-enabled cable. This unit comes with the corresponding high-speed HDMI cable 18Gbps.
  3. ※ 3: Ultra HD standard technical information about Blu-ray, please refer to the Features 1 below.
  4. ※ 4: Hi-Res to the playback of audio requires a high-resolution audio support of amplifier with one of the terminals of the HDMI input / coaxial digital input / optical digital input / balanced audio input / analog audio input.
Background of development]
In recent years, the 4K corresponding display are beginning to penetrate the market, formulated the "Ultra HD Blu-ray" of the next generation Blu-ray standard, in addition to responding to 4K resolution, further to high quality in the center of the HDR to realize the rich brightness representation I expected to have increased. The Company, through its own high-quality and high-quality technology, Ultra HD Leveraging Blu-ray of the appeal to the maximum, also corresponding to a further high-resolution audio to attract attention with high quality ※ 4 DIGA premium model released "DMR-UBZ1" of To do. Thus, we propose a new appeal to the theater user to pursue high image quality and high sound quality.

1. The world's first ※ 1, corresponding to the Ultra HD Blu-ray playback video of 4K and HDR can enjoy ※ 2
This product as a Blu-ray disc recorder, now supports the playback of the world's first Ultra HD Blu-ray. As a result, beautiful images over conventional Blu-ray disc you can enjoy ※ 2.

[Technical description of the Ultra HD Blu-ray standard]
① "4K / 60p" corresponding
The 4K (3,840x2,160 pixels) video with 4 times the resolution of full high-definition, high-speed displayed at 60 frames per second, dense and motion to achieve a smooth image.
② high-intensity "HDR" (high dynamic range) corresponding
By greatly expanding the luminance peak from traditional 100nit up 1,000 ~ 10,000nit, technology for dramatically improving the dynamic range ※ 5 images. Up until now bright light source representation is difficult (such as a light or sunlight) and reflected light (such as a metal surface and the water surface of the shine), you can texture rich representation.
※ 5: Ratio of the maximum value and the minimum value of the video signal (RGB).
③ wide color gamut "BT.2020" correspondence
Corresponding to the wide color gamut signal in the ITU-R BT.2020, which is developed towards the 4K / 8K broadcasting. In a conventional Blu-ray disc (BT.709 compliant) and enables rich and vivid color expression that could not be expressed.
④ "HEVC (H.265) / 10bit / 100Mbps" correspondence
Corresponding to the most recent maximum 100Mbps of video signal due to the high efficiency video compression technology HEVC (H.265). Conventional Blu-ray disc (MPEG-4 · AVC (H.264), maximum 40Mbps) by compression efficiency and high bit rate that greatly exceeds, 4K / 60p, HDR, the very best high-quality video due BT.2020 to reproduce. In addition, the conventional Blu-ray disc, except for software that has been recorded in the master grade video coding, the color difference signals (Y, Cb, Cr) has a had been expressed by the 8bit (step 256) ※ 6, each of which 10bit (1,024 steps) until it is possible to extend, and faithfully reproduced to finer signal, providing a texture rich video.
※ 6: "master-grade video coding" is a registered trademark of Panasonic Corporation. "Master Grade" is a registered trademark of Bandai.

★ In addition, for purchasing this product, on your loyal, registered in the CLUB Panasonic of our member site on November 13 to March 31, 2016, 2015, entitled the movie "Rurouni Kenshin to all persons who your interest Kyoto fire, ed., will implement the campaign to Get the Ultra HD Blu-ray software last moment Edition "of legend. Please refer to the campaign page for more information.

Application Period: November 13, 2015 (Friday) - March 31, 2016 (Thursday)
URL: Http://Panasonic.Jp/diga/campaign/ubz1/

※ 7: package image is usually Edition (2K / HDR not supported).

2. New development 4K corresponding engine "4K realistic chroma processor plus" loading
● The multi-tap chroma processing by the "4K realistic chroma processor plus"
Research and development center for high-quality Blu-ray Disc, and the application of technology developed at the Panasonic Hollywood Laboratory (PHL), has been newly equipped with our own 4K corresponding engine "4K realistic chroma processor plus". Decoded 4K (4: 2: 0) signal to 4K with its own high-precision multi-tap processing (4: 4: 4) to the interpolation ※ With 8 that, freshness is high, 4K which is full of natural texture and three-dimensional feeling We realize the video. This process is also valid for Ultra HD Blu-ray playback and 4K resolution Internet video. Also because it is applied to the HDR video was recorded in Ultra HD Blu-ray, HDR compatible TV, such as our VIERA CX800 series (software upgrade is required Compatible models:. CX800N / CX800 mid-November corresponding plan) overwhelmingly in you can enjoy a rich visual expression. Even for conventional television (HDR not supported), is carried out in automatic proprietary dynamic range conversion, you can enjoy in high definition. ※ 9


  1. ※ 8: 4K / 60p / 4: 4: 4 must be connected with the corresponding TV and 18Gbps corresponding high-speed HDMI cable.
    Ultra HD Blu-ray at the time of playback, 4K / 24p 4: 4: output in 4 / 36bit, 4K / 60p 4: 2: output in 2 / 36bit.
  2. ※ 9: Ultra HD If you are using a TV that does not correspond to the HDR signal of Blu-ray standard, you may, depending on the disc can not be played.
● 4K / 60p / 36bit output support
HDMI (ver2.0) 4K / 60p / 4 conforms to the standard: 2: 2 / 36bit, 4K / 60p / 4: 4: 4 / 24bit, 4K / 24p (30p) / 4: 4: High, such as 4 / 36bit 4K output in the spec is possible. It corresponds to the output of the further Ultra HD Blu-ray standard of the HDR signal.

● 4K super-resolution / W super-resolution ※ 10
A luminance signal and a color signal of 4K video is analyzed and corrected on a pixel-by-pixel basis, it is possible to freely adjust the sharpness and fineness of 4K video. By correcting the contour and texture for both luminance signal and a color signal, to reproduce the lost constituents by compression and transmission in the clear. In addition to the playback of 4K video, it is also useful if you want to 4K up-conversion output high-definition video.

  1. ※ 10: during Internet video playback is not supported.
● 4K direct chroma upconversion plus
Without going through the color signal interpolation of high-definition area, and employs a unique 4K direct chroma up-conversion plus system to be converted to 4K signal from the high-definition signal that has been decoded to direct. Because Ultra HD Blu-ray is also applied to the recording has been 2K / HDR image, you can enjoy a 4K up-conversion HDR video full of natural texture and three-dimensional sense of high definition ※ 2.

● 4K Internet videos
As Blu-ray disc recorder, the first time in the world, YouTube, NETFLIX ※ 11, is now supported 4K Internet video such as acTVila ※ 12 ※ 13. Internet video is also treated with a unique "4K realistic chroma processor plus", high beautiful image of freshness you can enjoy ※ 2.

  1. ※ 11: in order to view the NETFLIX (Netflix), you need a contract with Netflix Corporation. For more information about services, please refer to the official site of the following.
    Netflix official site
  2. ※ 12: For more information acTVila ( Http://Actvila.Jp/ please refer to).
  3. ※ 13: it will be released November 13, 2015. If you are using a paid content, you must have user fees for each content.
● Save 4K shooting video and playback ※ 14
Corresponding to the storage and playback of 4K shooting video (MP4 format). You can save the built-in hard disk 4K movies shot in 4K camera and 4K movie (corresponding to a maximum of 60p). It is possible to play remains of 4K image quality if of course connect the 4K TV, even those who had been saved on your computer until now, from now on if you save this product, enjoy heartily high-quality 4K videos easily Contact You.

  1. ※ 14: MPEG-4 AVC / H.264: High Profile 5.2 or less. Bit rate: 100Mbps or less.
    Resolution / frame rate: up to 1920 × 1080 / 120p, 3840 × 2160 / 60p, 4096 × 2160 / 60p.
● 4K output of the photo that was saved
Supports 4K output of the photo that you recorded in photos and SD card that you saved on the internal hard disk. It is possible to high-definition displays.

● The backup to the USB hard disk temporarily Blu-ray Disc and standard SeeQVault the 4K shooting videos and high-resolution sound source
After taking in the music file that contains a 4K shooting videos and hi-res sound source to the hard disk, it will be able to store it temporarily backup to USB hard disk ※ 15 Blu-ray Disc and SeeQVault standard. In addition, if the '15 autumn model ※ of 16 after DIGA, for example, can be shared and playback of data between devices such as a home and home of the equipment ※ 17.


  1. ※ 15: Please check the website for compatible devices. < Http://Panasonic.Jp/support/bd/ >
    · SeeQVault and is a new variety of content protection technology standard for implementing a strong security between compatible devices, not only equipment of a recorded broadcast program, you can record / playback in the corresponding DIGA.
    · SeeQVault can not direct recording of the broadcast program to the corresponding USB hard disk.
  2. ※ 16: DMR-UBZ1, BRG2010, BRZ1010, BRW1010, BRW510
  3. ※ 17: BD-RE / To play a movie or music that was backed up to the BD-R, is necessary to re-incorporation into the body hard disk.
3. New high high-quality design by rigidity and low center of gravity housing and high-resolution audio support ※ evolution of 4
By this product new high rigidity and low center of gravity chassis, it has been thoroughly and is the basis for high-quality design "vibration" "noise" measures.

● high rigidity and low center of gravity chassis
Drive base
To 1.2mm thick steel plate-based, Ultra HD fixed the Blu-ray compatible drive, it is possible to reduce the vibration generated by the rotation of the disk, and is working to improve the reading accuracy of the disk signal.

Center frame structure housing of by adopting a center frame structure in which pass beam back and forth, the rigidity strengthening twisting direction of the housing, achieving a vibration reduction.

• 3-block independent configuration digital board, audio board, the Ultra HD Blu-ray compatible drive, has adopted a three-block independent structure that is independent arranged in three blocks divided in the steel plate.


• 4-layer structure-based chassis
Newly add the aluminum plate to a conventional three-layer structure-based chassis, it has been changed to a four-layer structure. By adopting a multilayer structure composed of different materials of the resonant frequency, in addition to the reduction of unwanted vibration, improvement of heat radiation performance, achieving further lower the center of gravity of the housing.

● High carbon cast-iron insulator
And changing the material of the insulator from conventional ceramic high carbon cast iron. By adopting a high carbon cast iron specific gravity and excellent big vibration damping characteristics in the insulator, and is working to lower the center of gravity of the more housing than at the same time and improve the vibration damping property.

● analog circuit
And evolution of the analog audio board
A dedicated board that it was as much as possible eliminate the noise interference to provide for the analog audio. The material of the substrate is also using proven glass epoxy material quality, the thickness of the copper foil and by a conventional ratio of 2-fold, it was improved in the strong sound quality. Circuit structure by balancing transmit differential output of high-grade 192kHz / 32bitDAC by LR independent, to achieve high sound quality suitable for high-resolution audio playback.

And evolution of high-quality parts
The capacity of the power supply for smoothing capacitor, a non-magnetic carbon film resistor, newly adopted high-quality across-the-line condenser. We have pursued the expressive power of the further sound.
In addition, a reputation in a conventional premium model, high-quality sound condenser, 192kHz / 32bitDAC, low-noise op amps for hi-fi audio, OFC power transformers, high-voltage Schottky barrier diode, common mode filter, even large-capacity switching MOSFET, subsequently adopted It has.

● The advanced audio accessories "USB Power Conditioner MKⅡ" accessories
USB power conditioner was popular in BZT9600 further evolution. to have that attached to the USB terminal (recommended USB3.0 terminal) which is free, you can enjoy in a more high-quality sound. Change the composition of the optimization and the non-magnetic carbon film resistance of the substrate material and also that it has a copper thickness is doubled, it has improved S / N ratio of the high range. and (or equipment for viewing, environment, there is a case that the effect is different depending on the viewing content.)

● high-resolution audio file playback support
- Hi-Res save and playback ※ 4 (192kHz / 24bit correspondence) and the expansion of the corresponding format
High-quality sound source (high-resolution audio, 192kHz / 24bit, etc.) that exceeds the CD to save the music files that contain the internal hard disk, connect to audio equipment such as hi-res audio response of the amplifier, you can play ※ 4. Hi-Res sound source also enjoy feel free to contact in your home theater environment. The file format in addition to the conventional WAV / FLAC / MP3 / AAC / WMA, was also compatible with DSD (5.6MHz / 2.8MHz) / ALAC.

· Supports NAS (file sharing server)
Newly corresponds to the NAS (file sharing server) function, can now be used as a music server ※ 18. By saving the music files to the internal hard disk, you can play with this product and the home network DLNA compatible audio device connected. In addition, also features the ability to download music purchased from the e-onkyo music ※ 19 automatically to the hard disk ※ 19. Book when you register information about the e-onkyo account in product, and then automatically download the purchased music file from the smartphone, etc. ※ 20. And if the product and the network audio equipment and home network connection, without the use of personal computers and NAS was conventional required, you can enjoy all of the up to play from the download of hi-res sound source in the "less PC". In addition, it is possible to deliver music even with the power turned off, it can send your labor without comfortable music life.

  1. ※ 18: Renewable file format depends on the network audio equipment such as a DLNA client (playback equipment).
  2. ※ 19: visit the website of e-onkyo music For more information about the < Http://Www.E-onkyo.Com/music/ >
    Inquiries about the e-onkyo service: < Http://Www.E-onkyo.Com/support/beginner.Aspx >
  3. ※ 20: e-onkyo and member registration, you need to register information about "e-onkyo music" account. In addition, there is a case to stop download temporary depending on the operating condition of the product.
4. Other Features
● master grade video coding (MGVC) ※ 6
The video of Blu-ray disc, has been recorded in 24bit gradation based on the Blu-ray disc standard. By adding recording our proprietary technology "master grade video coding ※ 6" in its own bit extension data, when you play the corresponding Blu-ray disc, you can see the studio master equivalent texture rich 36bit high gradation image. A smooth texture and rich high-quality video equivalent to that of the movie studio master at home, you can enjoy. In addition, 4K / 24p / 4: 4: By up-converted output in 4 / 36bit (HDMI2.0 compliant), you can enjoy a high-quality video that combines the smoothness and sharpness of the 4K up-conversion of MGVC.

● HD optimizer
Video block noise, in addition to random noise, and reducing mosquito noise, dot interference, cross-color ※ 21. It will reproduce the no clear images of the turbidity. For dot interference, cross-color reduction ※ 21, it is also valid for up-converted high-definition video from SD video.

  1. ※ 21: commercially available Blu-ray and, Ultra HD Blu-ray playback is not supported.
● intelligent low-noise system (Theater mode 3, High Clarity Sound 4)
The operation stop of the unnecessary circuit blocks according to the operation mode suppress generation of noise to a minimum is adopted "intelligent low-noise system." Ultra HD Blu-ray at the time of reproduction is also a hard disk, a peripheral circuit is stopped, and then richly reproduced until the nuances of a slight sound. Also, by switching a terminal for outputting a sound in accordance with the HDMI connection status automatically, it was to minimize the generation of noise.

● home network client Play
By playing the music content downloaded to a PC or NAS, etc. in this product via a home network, such as DLNA / DMR (Digital Media Renderer), you can enjoy high-quality sound that approaches to the studio master quality.

● 192kHz Li. Master, 192kHz vacuum tube sound
To restore the high-frequency component that was missing by the compression process to "re. Master", to reproduce the warm sound like through a vacuum tube amplifier "vacuum tube sound", adopted four times up-sampling and high precision 32bit arithmetic processing method . Switching to double up-sampling method is also possible. Also remastered weak mode that is optimized for high-grade audio system is supported.

● 192kHz coaxial / optical digital audio output
Coaxial / optical digital audio output also corresponding to 192kHz / 24bit. Hi-Res sound playback and Li. Also to the output of the master / vacuum tube signal that is up-sampled to 192kHz / 96kHz sound I supported.

● prevent the missed-recording of the new show "new program News" feature

● The "Play wants to see the place" can be played in succession only want to see the scene of the program ※ 22

  1. ※ 22: Internet connection and device registration to the "Dimora / Mimora", requires membership registration of CLUB Panasonic (free of charge).
● also the go enjoy the recorded program and broadcast program "viewing in the smartphone from outside anywhere" ※ 23

  1. ※ 23: You must have Internet connection. You might not be able to watch by usage of equipment. If you want to view the program away from home, it will not be able to watch two at the same time. Also, there is a broadcasting station that does not support some broadcast transmission. Only download (October 2015 update planned) app "Media Access (Free)" is required. iOS7 later, corresponding to the later Android4.0.3.
    By your network environment, you might set the firewall and wireless broadband router is required. It may not be available in an environment where security level in such shared facilities has been set high. There are many of packets required for a home outside viewing on LTE and 3G mobile phone line.
● The two places ※ 24 simultaneous delivery recorded programs and broadcast to homes throughout the "room jump link"

  1. ※ 24: such as when playing-record two programs simultaneously in the body are being carried out at the same time, there are times when you can not transfer to the two places. The transfer to the smartphone and tablet requires a dedicated app Panasonic Media Access.
● Supports USB hard disk of SeeQVault standard ※ 15

● can be chosen to suit the display and video material "New image quality mode" ※ 25

  1. ※ 25: Ultra HD Blu-ray playback is not supported
★ for those who this product had you device registration to the last day in March 2016, will be carried out up to 7 months "Dimora / Mimora" campaign to enjoy paid services free of. For campaign details, it will be announced in such as HP.

● "Blu-ray (Blu-ray)" "Blu-ray Disc (Blu-ray Disc)" "ULTRA HD BLU-RAY" is a trademark of the Blu-ray Disc Association.

● Apple, Apple logo, iPhone, iPod touch, iTunes are trademarks or registered trademarks of Apple Inc., registered in the US and other countries.

● Android is a trademark of Google Inc..

● Wi-Fi is a trademark of the Wi-Fi Alliance.

● SeeQVault, and SeeQVault logo are trademarks of NSM Initiatives LLC. - This product 4K broadcast can not be received. To enjoy 4K broadcasting requires a tuner (sold separately).

● HDMI, HDMI logo, and High-Definition Multimedia Interface are trademarks or registered trademarks of HDMI Licensing LLC in the United States and other countries.

● YouTube and the YouTube logo are registered trademarks of Google Inc..

● The "acTVila", digital TV for video delivery services such as funded Company Ltd. acTVila provide. In full-screen display you can enjoy in the powerful image of the high-definition picture quality. Content of "acTVila Video Full" is paid except for a part. If you are using a paid content, you must have user fees for each content.

● DSD is a registered trademark of Sony Corporation.

● other, various names are listed in the text, company name, and product names are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective owners. It should be noted that, in the text TM, ® marks are not specified part.
Does anyone know if this will have twin hdmi outs to cater for those with non 4K avr's

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