Panasonic 4K player and Netflix


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I hope someone can help.

I have a UB820 4K with Netflix app. Is there a way I can check the playback info (download speed, picture quality etc). I can find it on my tv app but not this one..

Also is there a way to check the metadata in this app just like you can do with a disc?



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If someone can help with the HDR settings.. my tv supports HDR10+, does this mean that I want to turn off the HDR optimisation setting on the Panasonic UB 820 and just let the source content do the work?


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Panasonics smart tv platform is very basic, not sure if it has the equivalent of a stats for nerds menu item that brings up info, some Netflix clients do have this like on PC and Xbox but not all.

A piece of hardware like a HD Fury Linker can scan the video output and reveal details about the video signal.

There is almost no HDR10+ content, whether the Panasonics HDR optimizer works on HDR10+ I cannot say but I would leave it enabled anyway as it helps with HDR10 which is the overwhelming majority of HDR content.


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Next10 thank you for your reply!

I have to say I’m real impressed with the HDR capabilities the UB820 has, real nice picture especially from 4K BLU Ray discs.
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