Panasonic 46ST30 vs Sony 46NX720

Discussion in 'What Is The Best TV For You?' started by mikehimself, Jan 11, 2012.

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    Looking to get a 46" TV, been trying to do as much research and have it narrowed down to the Panasonic 46ST30 or Sony 46NX720.

    My old roommate had a 42" Panasonic plasma (not certain the model) that produced a very nice image quality. Only minor issues being brightness and glare from other light(s) in the room.

    I plan on primarily using this set to:
    - Play Xbox 360
    - Watch Netflix, DVDs, downloaded media, likely some cable programming
    - Watch sports (baseball mostly)

    My main concerns are are to get a TV with positive:
    - Overall picture quality
    - Black levels, contrast, brightness
    - Motion
    - Viewing angle

    Features I don't particularly care about:
    - 3D performance
    - Sound (already have a 5.1 system I plan on using)

    I'm unable to see the specific Panasonic model in person at any local stores but have been able to check out the Sony and have been very impressed. I've been reading that the viewing angle on the Sony is poor but it looked very acceptable to me in person. But that was in a brightly lit store setting, so that may be affecting my perception of it.

    My main concern about the Panasonic is overall brightness and picture quality vs. the Sony. I've been very pleased with picture quality and especially quality of motion on previous Panasonic plasmas so I'm giving this the benefit of the doubt.

    Anything in particular I should consider while deciding between these two?

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