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Hi, I was thinking of buying a plasma TV, poss the Panasonic 42PA20. I've just read that Panasonic are to start using HDMI sockets. Should I wait for a plasma with one or should I go for the one without? I've e-mailed Panasonic about this about 3 weeks ago & they've not replied yet.
Cheers, Neil
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HDMI is an upcoming technology but wont be present on a panny for 3 months + you could get a Pio 434 which should have it already or wait and see, Or get a PW6 panny with DVi Board and wait to see if they bring out an HDMI board for it if the PWD6 HD version of PW6 is HDCP the the DVi board wil work with an HDMI>DVi cable i think. I'm sure MAW or someone will confirm this for you! (have a search as it may already ahve been covered.

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