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Today i managed to get a Panasonic 42GT30 from Amazon via their Boxing Day deals for £599.99. After reading up on the TV here and from various review sites, I've ended up a little worried/confused.

I've seen about the various issues here with the 2011 Panasonic plasmas and I'm now not so sure whether to continue with my purchase. The reviewers seem to love the TV but the users seem generally unhappy. It's causing me to doubt my purchase as this is my first Panasonic Plasma (I've generally stuck to LCD) and I'm now not sure what to expect.

Are these TVs as bad as it seems? :confused:


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I got the same deal from Amazon this morning.
Did you add the 2 x free pair of 3d glasses also?

My TV has been despatched today and Amazon have taken £490.00 out of my account for the TV.

The remaining £110.00 will be taken out when the the 2 x pairs of glasses are despatched (currently out of stock with a 1-4 month lead time.

i wonder what will happen if i cancel the glasses in a couple of weeks, will i get the GT30 for £490.00?



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yeah, i think Amazon may have slipped up there and accepted the free glasses offer combined with the reduced tv offer.


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Look on the happy owners thread.:) most post on this forum about issues they have as they want advice and reassurance, happy owners are busy being, well, happy.:) The happy owners thread was made by me to add a bit of ballance, a few happy owners have posted so worth a read. I have no issues with my 46" GT30 and Im a picky git, many on here will confirm this lol.:)

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