Panasonic 42" Viera PZ700B - stuck pixels



Hi all,

I'm new, so please be gentle.

Just purchased a Panasonic Viera 42" PZ700B brand new (£1950 incl pedestal and VAT). I wanted a 42" screen with 1080p, and I couldnt wait for the 42" Full HD Kuro (whenever that comes out!).

One issue is that there are a couple of stuck pixels which are only noticeable when showing a dark background - is this common and do I have recourse to the manufacturer's warranty or store? I know many LCD computer screen providers have a zero dead pixel guarantee, but I'm not sure how to find out of Panasonic do on their Plasma PZ700. If this is much more common than you'd expect on computer LCD screens, just tell me - its not a big deal and hardly noticeable, but just wanted to check.

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I don't know of many LCD manufacturers who would make that claim. Apple maybe.

I'd be very surprised if Panasonic would replace it for a couple of them (it's pretty rare in plasmas but clearly 1080p 42" sets are not easy to manufacture or there would be as lot more) but it's got to be worth a try if the retailer is any good?


It's really weird - I was watching the bioshock intro on the 360, and even in the dark scenes I couldnt spot any "locked" pixels, but when I loaded an SD card into the TV's tray and looked at a static picture with a dark background, I can see a pixel that is red (I know its locked because its in the same spot on different camera shots with dark backgrounds).

Why can I see it on the static photo and not when there is full motion video (albeit dark) running through the component input?



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