Panasonic 42" PZ85B Problems


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Just bought a Panasonic 42" PZ85B but am having problems setting it up. It seemed to start OK (trying to get tv signals (although no chance there due to location)) but when I selected AV1 (connected to sky+ using scart cable) all I get is the right hand side of the screen which is very blue, very noisy and misaligned. It doesn't seem to make any differnce to what else I connect (dvd player on AV2 (scart) and PS2 on AV3). Even with all cables disconnected all I get is the right hand side of the screen. The left is totaly blank and if it does come in its all very flickery, blue and noisy. SKY works fine when connected to another tv.
Any help appreciated but I've got a feeling the tvs knackered.
Update - just tried it again and it worked for a couple of minutes before reverting back to half screen.
Many thanks
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If it worked for a couple of minutes then I think it's duff, check with the place you bought it from.


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Further update, it seems to make a difference as to where I plug it in. If its straight to a socket on the wall it seems ok (for the last 15 mins anyway) but if I connect it to an extension lead (ordinary or surge protected) it falls over after a few minutes. Wierd!!!

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