Panasonic 3x Ram Won't Work?


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I have DMR-E30 (new to me) which works perfectly with the only LM-AB120E cartridge disk I have.

The manual recommends the following disks:


The machine will play any dvd film disk, cd's, and record from TV, camcorder, vcr, etc, and appears to be working perfectly.

However, it will not use the newer Panasonic 3X ram disks:


I contacted Panasonic and they said that it should use these disks and that I must have bought a bad disk. They sent me a 3X ram disk to try (LM-AF120LE) and it works perfectly.

As I had already bought the following disks, which it will not use, I asked Panasonic for an explanation:

10 of LM-AF120LE
1 of LM-AB120LE
1 of LM-AD240LE

The explanation given is that my DVR-E30 is 'faulty' and I need a Panasonic engineer.

Can anyone enlarge on this please?


depending how old the recorder is it may need a firmware update to support the new 3x RAM discs, Thats probably why they told you it needs to go to a Panasonic engineer


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Thanks for your reply.

Has anyone done a firmware update on this DMR-E30 in UK? - I remember seeing a USA (I think) download but not recommended for UK.

Also, why am I able to use the LM-AF120LE that Panasonic sent me without any problems when I have 10 of the same disks which won't work at all?

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