Panasonic 36PL30 and 36PB50



Apart from the sound and speakers, does anyone know if there are any differences between the Panasonic PL30 and PB50 that will affect my viewing pleasure? I have received conflicting information from different retailers and am not sure which to believe. Thanks


I think the differences are:

1 - Remote on PB50 will operate TV, VCR & DVD (if Qlink etc is used), where on the PL30 it doesn't operate the DVD.

2 - Multi Window features - the PB50 does PIP. POP, PAP & PAT, where the PL30 only does PAT.

3 - The PB50 has channel 'strobe & search', this displays a reduced centre image of the main picture, with smaller images all around the edge (12 I think), which are either snapshots of the channel you are watching (strobe), or snapshots of all channels (search). - The images are displayed as still shots.

Other than these, the big difference is the sound, which you are aware of. They are both the same chassis & tube etc, but the sides (speaker cover) at the side of the screen are blue on the PB50, & silver/grey on the PL30.
The info above is based on what I remember when looking to buy several months ago (all be it a 28" :( ), but I think thats about it. I will point out that I think the sound on the PB50 is really impressive on it's own, but thats my opinion. - Hope this helps........

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