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Panasonic 32pf10

Discussion in 'Televisions' started by tan1415, Dec 18, 2001.

  1. tan1415


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    I was till a short time ago a proud owner of the panasonic 32pf10.
    I was happy with it and it's the centerpiece of my home theatre setup.
    The thing my family love about this TV is its remote ease of use.

    Now the bad thing:(....a couple of weeks ago i was watching TV during the midday hours.(daylight)
    Sitting in a dfferent place i noticed a vertical strip on the left side of the TV screen. It was a lot darker than the rest of the screen.
    I was susprised that i have missed it!!
    But when i sat in my usual place I noticed how i could have missed it.
    The vertical patch looks alot like it's a shadow cast by the side of the TV and in some programs and esspecially at night it's hardly noticeble.
    But of course like every thing else...once you notice it...you keep noticing it all the time.

    So i was wondering if someone can tell me what's wrong with the tv? Maybe another (panasonic)TV owner has had the same problem?
    I asked the service center and of course the answer was that they have never heard of this(or any other) problem with this model.It's within the warranty. So they are sending a technician to check it out,but still i'd like to know more about this problem.

    Thanks and i'd appreciate your insights and help,


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