Panasonic 26LXD60 or Sony KDL-26U2030


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Hi there, simple question really!
Which is best? Panasonic 26LXD60 or Sony KDL-26U2030

Also, does anyone have any experiance of or know how to get online prices for items in-store.
The reason i ask is that i have an insurance 'voucher' for Comet and if i can get near the online price i can stretch to a Panasonic 32LXD60

Thanks in advance:smashin:

Mr Cole

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I have just been in a similar predicament trying to decide between the Panasonic 26LXD60 and the Sony KDL-26S2010, I chose the Sony. I know it's not the same Sony model you're looking at as you have listed a 26U instead of a 26S but if you can afford the extra I'd definately recommend the Sony KDL-26S2010 or the KDL-26S2030. The only difference between the 2010 & 2030 is the colour.

I like Panasonic and already have a TX32LXD500 in my living room & just fancied a change to Sony really. I have only had the Sony for a few hours now and can definately say I'm very impressed so far.

You can't go wrong with either really. It comes down to budget and personal opinions.

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