Panasonic 26LXD1 & Auto Ratio Switching


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I'm currently using an old 26LXD1 LCD screen, and have noticed that it does not automatically switch the screen ratio to 4:3, 16:9 etc when switching between different formats, be it with the in-built freeview tuner, or DVD/HDD DMRES60D when watching recordings or DVD's.

I've got the ratio set to 'Panasonic Auto' but, this doesn't seem to do anything, other than let me know when i'm watching a 16:9 feed. However, this stretches 4:3 to fill the screen, and doesn't zoom in on 16:9 content found in a 4:3 frame with borders above/below.

Is auto switching/zooming in on a 16:9 within a 4:3 frame and the like not supported on this set, due to it being an old 15:9 panel, or have I missed a setting somewhere to make it all hunky dory!

I used to have a 22LT2 before this, and I don't remember everything it did, but am positive it at least zoomed into a 16:9 image within a 4:3 frame if nothing more, so any light you could shed on the matter would be greatly apreciated!

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