Panasonic 26" lcd which one?



Ok guys, i'm a newbie to hd and lcds. My crt tv is on its last legs, tube is on its way out. :rolleyes:
After reading around and having a look in the shops I have deceided to go for a 26" Panasonic.
I am confused as to which one to get 26ldx500,26ldx60 or the 26ldx600
I can get the ldx500 and the ldx60 for between £500 - £600
The ldx600 version is about £900. What is puzzling me is that the ldx60 has a higher contrast ratio and faster response time for a lot less money.

Can anyone advice between the difference of these sets.
I have satellite, DVD, xbox 360 and PC. I'm not too bothered about playing the pc on the tv, dont know why. I am also thinking of getting a hd-dvd player next year.


Mr Cole

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The 26LXD500 is an older set introduced sometime in mid to late 2005 I think (I have the 32LXD500 I bought just before Christmas last year). Still though, it is an excellent set.

The 26LXD600 is the replacement for the 26LXD500 - the 26LXD600 has 2 hdmi inputs and the older 26LXD500 only 1. Other than that and a few minor tweaks they look pretty much identical. The 26LXD60 still has 2 hdmi inputs but no SD card slot, no pc input & 2 scart connections whereas the other two have 3.

The 26LXD600 is obviously the most expensive as it's the top model in Panasonic's range but you have to work out if it's worth spending a lot more than the 26LXD60 for an extra scart connection, pc input & SD card reader.

I have just bought a 26LXD60 for my bedroom (I don't need a PC connection) & I'm very happy with it, also got excellent reviews & a best buy in What Home Cinema magazine, coming out tops out of the four 26" sets that were reviewed.

With the amount of equipment you have to connect I'd recommend the 26LXD60 or the 26LXD600 as they both have 2 hdmi connections.

Hope this has helped. :smashin:

blue max

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A few issues, so here goes.

500 v 600. The 500 was ahead of its time. Grab a 500 for cheap money. Or get the 600 if not much more.

60 v 600. For picture quality alone, buy the 600. The sound is much better and it looks a whole lot better too.

Consider if you can go to a 32inch. They are not much more and make it a much better experience. If you are over about 8 foot away, you will appreciate the difference. It will seem huge at first, but you will soon get used to it.



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I am in the same boat. I would like the 600, but its too expensive for me. I have pretty much decided on the 60 now though! just out of interest, where can you get the 500 for £600?

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