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Jan 18, 2001
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This week, Phil reports back from the recent London launch of the Panasonic 2022 OLED TV line-up with the new LZ1500 and LZ2000 flagship models. We continue our calibration and picture settings conversations with industry professional Julian Scott, while Ian rounds up the latest AV and Hi-Fi news and Ed gives us a first look at some Hi-Fi products he has in for review, along with his album, playlist and vinyl choices of the week.

Presented by Phil Hinton with Ed Selley, Julian Scott and Ian Collen

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Great podcast, fascinating discussion on metamerism!
Thanks gents and think I'll wait for the Black Friday sales before buying the tonearm mentioned by Ed.
Look forward to the reviews of the LZ1500 and G2.
When I saw the Panasonic ‘22 OLED headline, I thought Panasonic had launched a range of 22 inch OLED Desktop Monitors. Sadly not 🙁.

AVSForum TechTalk with Scott Wilkinson had an interview with legendary video expert Joe Kane this week where he said during lockdown the American studios had been shipping calibrated LG and Panasonic consumer OLED Televisions to Film & TV graders who had to work from home, as it was too costly to ship them $30,000 professional grading monitors.

The studios were importing Panasonic OLED TVs into the USA 🇺🇸 as they were considered to be the best and most accurate.

Joe also talks about the lack of expertise that younger people in the industry have when it comes to interpreting test patterns and video accuracy. There is far more emphasis on the art, rather than the technical.

Very interesting interview and worth a watch…

It’s available on YouTube:

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Another great podcast, and first up I have to agree with @Ed Selley on Slow Horses (on AppleTV+), by the time Gary Oldman woke himself up at the start of the first episode I knew this show was made for me, he's just an amazing actor. I'm also working my way through the James Bond movies on Amazon Prime, though don't think it would get a 7+ rating if they went through the censorship office these days.

A couple of other thoughts...
Where I would love to see the 97" OLED is in Sports Bars, where you often see projectors that are too washed out or big LED LCDs that have terrible off-axis viewing angles for the people sitting off to the sides.

For the Round Stand on the Panasonic LZ1500 I am wondering if they grabbed something basic out of the cupboard on the grounds that most people would buy it not only already have a decent sound system would also be inclined to wall mount it.

QUESTION On another note, is there any chance you could cover budget outdoor projector setups? For people who might consider having an outdoor movie screenings in the summer evenings, so some suggestions of setups that would be bright, cheap and cheerful for non-critical viewings.
I noticed last night that the Odeon in MK1, in the foyer of screen 6, have mounted a blue plaque celebrating 2x @Ed Selley visits in a 12 month period
I am afraid my custom was split between them and VUE Bedford (where I saw Dune).
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