pana v series and pulling out of plasma


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hello on here but thought i'd look for advise and help.
im looking at a new tv,and was thinking of the new samsung led tv's but since looking im not so sure.they arent made up of leds as i thought but are side lit.and the picture,although bright looks fake to they have been flood lit. so i am now looking at a v series 50 inch panasonic plasma.

im not an lcd fan due to the blurring on fast moving items. so was looking at plasma.
now,im trying to decide whether the v is worth the extra over the g series,and the other thing im worried about is if panasonic are pulling out of making plasma tv's in the near future.a friend has said they are. now i thought he may have got confused with pioneer(which i really fancied over the panasonic till i heard they were getting out)

so,what are peoples thoughts?i am safe getting one and is the v really worth it?most of its use will be dvd/blu ray and games but i dont have sky hd.

cheers in advance



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Panasonic are pushing plasma as much as ever, they're not going anywhere, I'm sure your friend got them confused with Pioneer. Even so, there's no reason not to get a Pioneer, they're still generally regarded as the best TVs around, and all warranties will still be completely valid, I'd get one of them if you can.

Anyway, between the G10 and V10 you've basically just got a few add ons with the V10. Viera cast is one of the bigger features, which is the feature which lets you access youtube and things like that through the TV, you also get the 'single sheet' design, and it's slimmer, which is nice but of course doesn't improve performance, the V10 also has a few extra sound options which are supposedly better, but I haven't experienced this.

The main thing with the V10 though is the THX certification, if you read the reviews on this site you'll see that it's very highly thought of, basically you get the best settings you can get from the TV out of the box, and that includes accurate gamma and colour, which can't be achieved on the G10, even with a service menu calibration. For movie use I would opt for the V10 over the G10, for general TV I would deliberate it, but I wouldn't see as much use for the THX mode, and for gaming I would jump at the G10. If you want the best movie performance you can get on anything but a Kuro, then the V10 is the one you want.


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cheers for the honest reply.i dont know what the pioneers are down to know as they seem to have disappeared from all the retailers round here.
are they likely to be round 1500 pound now or still over 2k?

sounds like if i cant go pioneer then the v series will be the one then.i was just dubious as to whether it was worth the extra,but it sounds like it is.i can deal with tv channels not being great quality but my films are whats important. they are where it has to be bang on. wierd when im happy to watch a film in a grainy cinema :D


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Them v10 are good tvs im looking at getting one for my bedroom tv, but if you can get a pioneer from anywhere then do it if you cant get a krp then a 5090 or 6090 is the way to go.

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