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Pana TX 28PS10 ? Anyone?

Discussion in 'Televisions' started by tomspn, Dec 9, 2003.

  1. tomspn


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    Hardly worth calling a problem, but a headache it sure is...
    I'm looking for a replacement for my 28 100hz flatscreen sharp that broke down on me only months after purchase.

    After 2 months of research and harassing poor shopowners to hook up dvd's i came up with the following model(s) and i wonder if anyone of you can agree with me?

    I looked at the sony fx68 and at the philips 8506 and 6506, i've seen the thomson 402S and finally the pana ps1 and the ps10. All of them in 28 inch.

    First of all, I almost never watch television (just one of those weirdos...) but we really LOVE a good movie on DVD. Sound isn't important since i have the yamaha 740 surround amp.

    I really liked the panas. I'm still wondering if the difference in quality (small but there nontheless) between the 50hz (ps1) and the 100hz (ps10) is worth the extra 250euros.

    I think the sony and the philips are probably 'out', based on wath i saw and what i read (although it is sometimes difficult to distinguish between the two...).

    Anyones has any experience with these models? IO haven't read anything yet on the ps10!?

    Thanks for helping out

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