Pana TH42Z80: Plastic green reproduction

Discussion in 'Plasma TVs Forum' started by perceptionist87, Feb 12, 2009.

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    Hi folks,

    For all the owners of this model or the top-end 800series, I have a question:

    Did you also notice an extreme push in green tones?
    I read it in an AV-magazine reviewing the unit and can confirm on my own experiences now.

    Its not that the push in green would degrade the colour reproduction for the rest of the spectrum like e.g. Samsung plasmas have a really consistent and irremovable blue teint which annoyed the sh... out of me (previosuly owned one and thanks God got rid of it via ebay)

    Its just that the green is really ploppy:eek:, especially with colour management turned on. For example, when watching football games.

    Knowing that the human eye can distinguish more gradiations in green than in any other colour channel and therefore manufacturers have to allocate more bits per pixel to this. Maybe Panasonic went a bit over the top in G11???
    Or they believe in green:cool: being a fancy colour.

    Regards from Switzerland

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