Pana PT500 Plus ???


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Ok got on the pt500 band wagon, am awaiting delivery so now looking at dvd's, cables, screens etc. Have ordered a HK DVD31, together with a Denon AV2803. This is what I saw demo'd and was amazing. Also ordered some Acoustic Energy Evo 3B's (need to hide the credit card bills for a while!)

Am now not sure about cables - is it recommended to get some quality QED cables (signature 75 and component video)? Does it make such a big difference?

Next is Sky box - not sure if I can get Sky Digi or Sky Plus but whats the best way to connect to the projector - RGB or S-Video? Again is it worth getting a QED cable?

The majority of viewing will be DVD and TV, minamal amount of gaming.

Next is the screen... oh dear! Ok i will ceiling mount the PJ - 8 foot high from a distance of potentially 18 foot, the screen will need to go in front of a window - any issues with this? What size screen and recomendations pls - would definately like electric for upto £750 ish... Please help!! :smashin:


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Hi Tuneman
I'll try to answer a few of your question.
Cables yes it does make a difference
Check out Bluejeanscable or Mark Grant in the power buy section, for component and dig co-ax.

RGB would be the best connection from your sky box and only sky+ has a s-video output.
QED would be fine


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18ft :eek:
18ft = 131" x 74
I think the ae500 may struggle at this distance to produce good picture
I have mine set back 13.5ft and get 92x52 this gives me a good pq but I wouldn't want to push it any more :)


yeah you gotta be carefel about the distance cause its a short thrower

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Of course, you could buy a long focus attachment from (TY-LECTE300)

I haven't got one though so don't know what the throw distance changes to.

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