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OK, so I know this has been debated before, but wondered if things have moved on.... I'm the very happy owner of a 3rd gen Pana (ok, I know it's not the latest anymore but I've had the pleasure of it for nearly 18 months to compensate) and I'm sticking with that. However, a friend of mine is now ready to make the plasma leap. My natural reaction is to point him down the Pana 5 route (flicker not being too bad when he actually sees one I hope), but should he consider an MXE instead. It seems it comes down to Pana has better blacks, MXE has more vibrant colours - does that about cover it? Go on you Pio owners... convert me if you can....


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I saw them side by side in John Lewis "special demo suite" in BC and to be honest they both had fantastic pictures, the problem was the Pio was significantly more expensice so I went with the Panny, [my first ever non Sony display] and I'm +very+ pleased.



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Originally posted by peteS

thanks for the comment - where's BC btw?

pete S

BC = Brent Cross

I too saw them side by side at Brent Cross, and opted for the Pionner, mainly after a couple of threasds in the forum, and I was able to get my 433 MXE for £3,600

REason I opted for the Pio: ( no particular order)

1. My Partner prefered it!
2. The blacks/greys seemed comparable
3. The bold colours are more vibrant
4. Possible Upgrading ability via the graphics card (at a cost)
5. Extra Inch, makes a difference
6. Came with a temporay stand, which we are using until we decide to go for wall mount or desk top.
7. Underset speaker
8.Better statisitcs, resloution etc

Hope this helps


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