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Dec 9, 2002
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Okay I know you can record a film onto the hard drive - and then dub it over to a dvdr............but how fast will it copy say a 2 hour film to a normal dvdr disk?

Dave, Oldham.

btw Has anybody pre ordered a Pana E85 from avland?
It depends on the recording quality.

For a 2 hour recording on my HS2 -

XP - 1 hour (2x)
SP - 30 min (4x)
LP - 15 min (8x)
EP - 10 nin (12x)

I believe the new models are up to twice as fast so that is up to EP as 24x)
The HS2 does high speed dubbing to RAM, but I'm fairly sure it doesn't to DVDR (?). You cannot high speed dub to a DVD video format without recording in "DVD compatable mode". I believe that the E80 was the first Panny to introduce that feature.
THe hs2 cannot high speed dub to -r.

THe newer machines can only high speed dub if the source is the same quality as the dub.
Ie to get 24 times dub speed your original would be at ep, which would give dreadfull quality. this means recording at the final quality rather than at the best, which is the bonus of the larger hdd, editing, removing ads etc, and then dubbing using fr to exactly fill the media.

In practice high speed dubbing is not going to be a lot of use unless you first create a master on ram at fr, dub back to the hdd, and then onto -r, perhaps only really useful when you want multiple copies

ie if you have a four times recorder, where a dvd at 1 times can be filled in an hour(xp at 1 to 1)
1hr at xp would take 15 mins
2hrs at sp would take 15 mins
4 hrs at lp would take 15 mins
6 hrs at ep would take 15 mins = 24 times

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