Pana E50 and ITV sound


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Very wierd occurences this weekend, was watching my RAM recording of Angel from last Tuesday when I heard some very strange voices coming from the TV.

Fiddle around for a bit and discovered by switching the E50 to L channel of sound only, the voices dissapeared.

I then switched to R channel only and the little voices were all that I could hear. I soon realised that the voices were ITVs coverage of the Arsenal Match. :confused:

I RAM recorded Angel last night but havn't had a chance to watch it yet so I don't know if it has occured again.

Anyone else ever had this?

If it does happen again I think i'll try pulling out the RF aireal. Maybe it's interference?


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When I had an E50 I got the same thing. It was interference going throught the aerial cable to the TV. I disconnected the cable from the TV and it went away.

You could try double screened RF cables?


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Thanks for that, thought it might be the RF lead.

Going out tonight so will check it out tomorrow.


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I can hear faint breakthrough on my set from whatever channel the tv is tuned to if the av source is quiet.
Simple solution is to always leave your tv tuned to a blank channel with no soundwhen recording or watching an av source.

This is a very common problem


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It also did it when I put my TV on a blank digital channel (IDTV). It was tha analog tuner part that was causing the problem.

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