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Pana 50 or Sony 46 X Series Deal Done


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Hey everyone,

You may have seen some of my earlier posts re my choice either Sony 46 inch X series or 50 inch Pana.

After testing both today in local Sony & Pana shop with Sky HD, DVD, Freeview and home produced DVD.

The Sony came out tops. The picture quality was better.

Got it for £3400 with 5 year D&G warranty.

The Sony shop was excellent

They moved the tv and set it up for me to view via all the sources I requested.

It arrives on Thursday.



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Congrats on your deal -thats excellent i just hope you dont want to watch fast moving sport.


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hornydragon said:
which panasonic shop?

Cheers for comments :)

It was the Aberdeen Pana shop.

Thankfully I hate sports so I dont watch any. Although, the Sky HD live cricket I saw a portion of looked amazing!

You could tell when they went from a sd shot to a HD shot.

At the end of the day I think both tvs are great. However, to my eye the Sony just bettered the Pana on the day. The Sony nr seemed to cleam up the image better than the Pana, which actually surprised me, as I normally watch tvs with all that processing off.

Thanks again for all the help and opinions.


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I found the guys at the Panasonic shop useless. The guys at the Sony shop (Holburn street) seemed to know a lot more of what they were talking about and were generally more friendly.

I had a similar decision to you...40" bravia (V series) or 42" viera (PX60).

However I ended up going with the Panny. The SD picture just looked too grainy on the Sony to my eyes. I have to say the Panny did not blow me away in the store on either source. However I put a lot of faith in these forums, and having got it home the SD picture is fantastic, especially on film chanels, and HD is just stunning. I always find it very hard to judge PQ in stores (they should give you the TV home for a week to try before you buy! lol).

I have to admit though the HD pic on the Sony was very impressive in store. At the end of the day it was a pretty hard decision but I don't think either of us will be too disapointed with our eventual choices :thumbsup:


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Rygar said:
At the end of the day it was a pretty hard decision but I don't think either of us will be too disapointed with our eventual choices :thumbsup:

Very true, they are both good makes with good picture quality.

Either of which is a good buy :)

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