pan pk3 ( where do i stand) help!



Bought a pk3 in january at house of fraser lakeside in a sale (£750-00) . Been brilliant till now, been away for repair 6 weeks (tube fault). House of fraser have told me to come in and pick out another set and if it is any more expensive i will have to pay the difference. Where do i stand, because i have been there tonight and the only tv close in the pan range is a pl10 which is £200 dearer which is defeating the objecting of buying the tv in the first place. Can i demand a tv of the same quality without paying any extra money. Waiting for trading standards to come back to me, but i need help now.
Thanks guys
I wouldn't ''demand'' anything.How you approch this will go a long way to determine the outcome.Seek their help in arriving at an amicable solution rather than going in with guns blazing or you may find they return your cash and you are now left to find a new set.Advise them that you would welcome any assistance that they could offer to put this right.Would you be prepared to meet them half way towards the cost of the pl10 ? Negotiation is the key here and if you can remain on good terms with them you will have an infinately better chance to secure an outcome which you feel satisfied with.
Sorry, don't know if it's good un. I'm sure an owner will be long though.Hope you get sorted. :)

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