PAL60 from Xbox for Panny AE500 weirdness


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I'm not sure if this should be in the gaming section or not, but it appears to be a specific thing with some pj's, so I've gone with here.

I've just plugged my Xbox into my new AE500 for the first time, and set the 50Hz option to play Halo using the Microsoft official RGB cable, that goes into a scart switcher into the PJ. I stuck another game on so changed the Xbox settings to PAL60. This was fine in the dashboard, but when the game started some of the picture that should have been at the top of the screen was on the bottom and there was a gap inbetween this "rolled over" piece and the actual bottom of the image :confused:

I messed around and found that I had the same issue whenever I selected PAL60, change to PAL50 and it's fine, send it as a composite signal (yuk) and it was also fine, but PAL60 on RGB would mess up.

I had a search on the forum and found this one -[/url]

But without and resolution to the original problem... anyone any ideas ?

EDIT: Just as an update to this, I tried using my PS2 with a PAL60 signal over RGB and that worked fine, so it does seem to be the combination of the Xbox over RGB and the pj


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Just as another update to this. As another test I tried connecting the Xbox directly to the pj with the RGB scart cable (so without going through switching) and got the same results.

Also a friend told me that a PS2 puts out an NTSC picture in 60Hz, not a PAL60 picture, so I don't know if it's a general PAL60 problem again.

Also took a few pics to illustrate, the image in 50hz -


...and then the broken PAL60 image


Has anyone got an AE500 and an Xbox they can connect up via the Advanced Scart cable to tell me if they get the same results. Just trying to work out if this is a problem in general, or just with my pj


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Sorry, me again on this one, just found a bit more by using the self test fom the "secret" menu.

I also did this test using a Dreamcast console which can output PAL60. Basically the pj thinks it's getting a 625i signal at all times whether it's in 50 or 60hz.

So yay, I can see what the problem is but no idea how to fix - anyone .... anyone.... :(
I have an AE200 with a PAL Xbox setup via official RGB cable and 60hz on.. My display is fine. I also have a US HDTV kit and connect via componet cables (just an interlaced signal though obv) and its fine there too.

Bit of a weird one this. Your projector shouldnt be seeing the 60hz signal as 625i though, thats 50hz. It should be reading 525i for a 60hz display (as PAL60 is essentially the same as NTSC).

Do you have a mate with an Xbox who could try it out, or perhaps know someone with an AE500 you could test your Xbox on it?


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No, sadly I don't have any AE500 owning friends - I thought i might get some responses on here - I know there are plenty of AE500 owners, but I dont' know how many of those own Xbox's as well.

I do know someone with an AE300 who has no issues either. I'm really just trying to see if it's a problem with my PJ and so can be sent back for a replacement, or with *all* AE500's.

A friend is coming over tomorrow who has the high def cables - which is one of my possible workarounds - but i still want to know what's up with 60Hz on RGB. I called Panasonic today, who were going to call back... but didn't :( So I shall call again tomorrow and keep hassling them


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I tried this on my AE500 with a cheapo rgb cable (not the official advanced cable) and it works fine, no problems with the display whatsoever. Normally I use the hi-def component kit.
Hmm then perhaps your projector has a problem then? Does seem strange, and it definetly shouldnt be showing 625i for 60hz displays..


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Well, it gets weirder and weirder :confused:

It's a lot of hassle sending something back for a replacement, so I decided to try Panasonic again hoping they would say "oh yes, dodgy batch" or something akin to that.

After speaking to one guy, getting put on hold, getting dropped off the line and going through it all again. I talked to a customer service person for a while, then was eventually put through to an engineer.

The long and the short of it was that he said that a PAL60 signal wasn't supported over RGB, and said this was listed in page 54 of the manual (I don't have it to hand right now). But according to him he said that PAL60 was listed as only being supported via composite or svideo connections.

We had a bit of a heated (though good natured) discussion about the various things that were supported via various interfaces. I told him I knew of people that had exactly the same setup as me (cable and Xbox) and were getting a PAL60 picture out of an AE300, which surprised him as the support for PAL60 is exactly the same. I didn't mention Bererkgoose's setup as I wasn't sure if his setup was on a chipped Xbox or not - which could make a difference to the output.

So I'll go home and just double check the manual, but it would seem like my pj is ok, and I should get the Xbox component cables (which was my plan anyhow). And for all out there that are getting PAL60 through RGB... hang onto your projectors, they're magic ones :devil:


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No, you aren't going bonkers.

I had exactly the same issue with a Sanyo somehting or other (not a Z1 or Z2 - a 4:3 XGA pj I borrowed from work).

exactly the same issue on PAL60, scanning FUBAR'd with my XBOX. The kit was going via a VCR which had a SVHS output on it though - yep, painful cabling issues.

Couldn't sort it so went back to PAL50, seemed good enough for a bit of PGR2 ;)

I was surprised at the lack of crispness in the image, text was a bit poor. Can't understand why the XBOX text looks great on the telly but ropey onthe PJ.

Still, the sight of Konniseggs and Ferarri's 5ft wide and 3ft high on the wall was great :)

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