Pal Xbox and High Def Pack Help me...............


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OK Problem. I have just got a High def pack for my pal xbox and realised that our friends at microsoft have disabled the high def functionality on Pal Xboxs:mad: :mad: :mad:

Fortunately my xbox is fully modded. My question is. How do I reactivate the high def functionality ?

I know this can be done. Is there an option in the evo menus or something or do I need to patch the thing.

Any help gratefully appreciated. Or do I have to go back down to the local computer fair :rolleyes:


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been covered before - You need the enigmah video mode swap disc, Basically changes the region of your box


Once you load the enigma video mode it is very easy from there, you need to go back into the ms dashboard and select a big YES to 1080 & 720 then sit back and enjoy :smashin:


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I have downloaded the files but I have had problems creating the boot disc from the image file I have. Did you stick it on a CDR or DVD R ?

A couple of other questions. Is this program a "Boot disc" that you just put in you box, load up and it installs the neccessary files.

Or do I need to ftp the files from my PC to the xbox. Info on this disc are quite sketchy on the web :rolleyes:

Go dam it why do we always get shaffted with this stuuf. The yanks get all the fun toys and we not only have to pay more but get substanddard kit that is loads of hassle to sort out :mad:

Rant over


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You can ftp it to your xbox yes. EvoX should pick it up automatically on a reboot ( if you have a later version )

Images are normally ISO - I use Nero to burn them. There are tools to extract the files from them - Try on


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I think you are right. I have downloaded Enigmah Video Mode Selector v2.0 but cant get the image file to create a readable CD using nero.

I could ftp the files over and have found a guide which explains where to put them and how to add the program to the Evo x dash. But I dont fancy it to be honest. Will try this xiso failing that I have a friend trying to source a working disc.

Will xbox read standard cdr to do I need to put it on Dvd r ?


How much better does the picture get on the games with hi def ? Does this also improve the DVDs picture as well ?


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Some Xbox DVD drives struggle to read CDRs

Burn to DVD_R should be fine then

later versions of the evox dash will automatically pick up any progs you install.

Just use Xiso to unpack the ISO. Use FTP to create a folder in F:/Apps and dump the files in there. Reboot the Xbox and see if appears in the Apps menu under Evox

Plenty of guides on xbox-scene to take you through


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Big improvement. Weather it also improves dvd played via xbox I cant answer that. I believe this patch also makes the xbox dvd player region free, and enables the units progessive scan playback which will certainly improve quality.

You need something that is capable of displaying high def though. realistically only a Plasma or decent projector can do this at the moment (Although I believe there are a few CRT sets that also support high def)

Also as you can see from this thread pal xbox will not output the HD signal unless it has been modded and has the region patch installed.

Just downloaded the latest version of xiso. Looks like it will do the job. Will even ftp files straight to xbox for me by the looks of it ! Not sure whether to risk it......Anyone done this. Not going to kill my evo dash or anything is it :rolleyes:

Gary D

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Messing abt with the evo dash is not difficult, just remember to keep backups of everything.

If you burn the video selector to a DVDr you should be fine, but i think iwould do what duke says and just dump the prog (*.xbe) into the apps folder and run it from the evo x dash.

I've mess about loads with my xbox and never had a problem.


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