Pal version of Viewsonic VB50, without tuner



Hi. I am trying to find a Pal version of the VB50 without the tuner. If anyone has any suggestions I would appreciate it.




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I thought the VB50 does both PAL and NTSC? If it doesn't, you can look at the ProV (it does both) although it also has the tuner built in (you can of course just ignore the tuner). If you really don't want the tuner, you can look at the soon-to-be-released BriteView (big brother of ProV). It offers component in and out (which neither the VB50 nor the ProV offer) but it will be quite a bit more expensive than the ProV (maybe 2x or 3x).



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if not and you wanted to save a few quid a friend of mine has a pro-v that he bought to play his consoles on a monitor, it is still sitting in the box and i know he hasnt used it so he may be willing to part with it.

i will ask him for you if you want, how much are they new ???

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As far as I can tell the ProV does not output 16:9 resolutions (852x480 or 964x544), only 4:3 resolutions and as I have a SANYO Z1 I am looking for something to match that.

The VB50 can output 852x480(@60Hz), but the specs only mention NTSC as the only acceptble signal... thats not really any good for UK punters.

If someone and prove me wrong or show me a reasonbly priced PAL scaler that can output a 964x544 resolution & I will have my credit card ready to spend. It must be coming soon, surely!!

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