PAL to NTSC by JVC357 and Pinnacle 9



Please, help me to convert my ready DVD films from PAL to NTSC. I visited many places and forums in internet, some people say that one or another program make this successfully, but almost everybody complains that the quality is not good. Is the one way to make every film from the beginning - separately in PAL and separately in NTSC? So I ask the next question: is it possible to send back my ready DVD film from my Pentium-4 into my digital camcoder JVC GR-DVL357 on tape - and how? I think, for the camcoder will be indifferently whether this is an original film made by it today, or a film, returned from the computer. Once it is digital, the quality has to be perfect. After that, if this turns out possible, it will be very easy to move the film by DV cable into the computer and to give command in Pinnacle Studio 9 to capture it in NTSC. I didn't try this, only because now my camcodrer doesn't work (what is "E03? romove and reattach battery – unit in safequard mode?" My battery is entirely dead but the adaptor works). That's why I beg you for a theoretical answer. Gregory Vatan - Bulgaria: [email protected]


First yes it is possible to send an edited video back to your DV camera - how you do it depends on what editing programme you are using - what editing programme do you have.

You can NOT just capture a PAL DV tape as NTSC - it does not work !!!

You may be able to change the DV .AVI file on your computer to give you an NTSC file and burn that to DVD but as you have already been told the quality will not be good.

To change PAL to NTSC or NTSC to PAL in good quality you need a quite expensive converter. In many places there are companies that will do the conversion for you - but I don't know any places in Bulgaria. perhaps you should search the internet for somebody near you

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