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    I've been watching a lot of PAL VHS to see how the Rock Composite performs.

    Previously I would use a HTPC and dTV 2.12 to view my tapes. Now I'll be honest and say I never got dTV 2.12 running as good as it probably could have. For some reason with my Pinnacle Rave TV Capture card I got image problems (combing/judder) that I could not get rid of despite the sterling support from the online community including John Adcock and Mark.

    My main issue also with the Pinnacle was the extensive video noise generated by the card, so much so that in all honestly we never got it looking better than (and I quote my Wife - "Really Grim" :eek: )

    Thankfully The Rock's Composite with VHS looks far superior. I must confess to having a pretty good high end Toshiba VHS Player and very good quality Composite Cable.

    Most notable differences over my HTPC are:
    1) The almost complete lack of Video Noise
    2) More defined/more vibrant/less washed out colour
    3) Sharper

    In fact it passes the "Wife will watch it" test :D

    Now of course blowing a VHS 4:3 image upto about 100inches diagonal does take its toll and it cannot compete at all with the S-Video or Component Inputs but I would say that I can now watch and enjoy this input. The HTPC route was very much a compromise of Size over Quality... I expect that if Video Noise could be removed on HTPC Cards we would begin to see this level of clarity using dTV.

    Regards Neil.

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